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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Autumn celebration

Ah! So this is what the last day of Autumn feels like.  
Let's have a little photographic celebration.

Here is a reprise of some of the photos I have been using as my header photos throughout Autumn.  Because I take them down each day, they are lost to the blog, so I have posted some of my favourites as a record of this most colourful season.  
I hope you don't mind seeing them again.

Now for the pleasures of Winter!

I will let you in on a little secret.  
Princess Pinkyness is coming to visit Grandma 
all the way from the U.S.A. next week.  
I haven't met her yet
and I am just a little bit excited!
She is bringing her mummy and daddy
and Mr Muscle too.


  1. Oh No Hazel I certainly don't mind seeing those photos again - I have really enjoyed seeing your header changes, and it is nice to see them all together. We don't have the so obvious changes of the seasons here in the tropics. Lovely to see your grandchild, that is what is so hard about living far away from the rest of the family as so many of us seem to do. Enjoy every minute!

  2. how wonderful your family are coming to see you..exciting..some how you seem to young to be a nan...I'm wonderfing what that is that is growing over your arch?? you have lovely grounds

  3. Hazel those photos are absolutely beautiful, I love Autumn and all the beautiful colour.

    I would love to know how you put photos up as your header. If you have time to post or email I would be very grateful.

    How wonderful to have your little grandaughter and her family come to visit. I hope you've told them to pack their scarves and gloves........

    Enjoy your time with them and enjoy Winter. Bring it on I say..........

    Beautiful, sunny day here for the last day of Autumn.

    Claire :}

  4. Gorgeous pics and how exciting that your family is coming to visit!

  5. The last day of Aurtum for me was a real secticle. The day started for me as if I awoke wearing rose tinted glasses. The ski was as pink as pink.

  6. I have thoroughly enjoyed your Autumn Headers, and was just sorry they only lasted a day. Now I can come back and enjoy them anytime. Photo No. 5 is definitely my favourite.

  7. I liked your headers too :) Thought they were a nice idea, a mini celebration each day.

  8. Great photos Hazel (as usual). Wonderful news that your family are coming for a visit. Maybe Princess Pinkyness could be your header photo while she visits.

  9. Hi Hazel,
    just wanted to pop my head in and say hi. I've spent several hours over the last three weeks reading your blog (beginning to end) while up feeding my three week old daughter. I have become addicted to blogs lately and yours is just delightful, great photos too! I have been so inspired by your writing that I mentioned it in my own blog yesterday. Look forward to following along in your adventures.

  10. Great photos Hazel, especially the first one! A bit mean though to remind us of autumn when spring is just about to end here :-P

  11. Gorgeous Autumn Collection. So pretty.
    How exciting for you... waiting for your very extra special visitors!!

  12. Glorious!! Love the third pic of the sun shining through the leaves - beautiful.

    Happy times for you and your special visitors :)


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