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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


In the land down-under quangers is slang for quinces.

Strictly it is slang for baby quinces.
Baby is not what I would call these beauties. 
I don't know what the slang for grown up, card carrying, giant quinces is so quangers they will be.

Because you can't tell the size of the basket, you can't tell how giganterous these fruit are,
 so I took a photo holding one so you can get a better idea.
It is a big as that hill behind!

I hope you appreciate my efforts holding this up.
I think I pulled a muscle in my arm doing so.

Quinces wear wonderful perfume and so I am going to leave them around 
in the basket for few days as a room deodorizer before 
The Cook turns them into some gourmet delights. 
I will write a post about what she makes and include recipes.

Quinces used to grow on the sides of roads when I was a girl... common as muck.  
However, they went out of fashion and many were lost to old age and urban development. 
 In recent years they have been rediscovered and promoted by celebrity chefs and 
often appear on the menus of top restaurants.

My quangers grow in the grounds of a vacant house up the road.
Last year we noticed the birds having a feast 
so we hopped the fence and fruit knapped some  - quangers, not birds.
Since then we found out who owns the property and through a circuitous route 
sent the owner a couple of jars of quince jelly.
He was so pleased, he visited us to bring the jars back 
and gave us carte blanche to pick any fruit we want.

Today I checked his figs. 
They're big and on the verge of ripening, 
so I can foresee more entertainment for the neighbourhood 
as I clamber perilously over that fence.
I'll have to toss The Cook over!

 These apples are off my neighbour's tree.
They are a bit tart and I don't know what variety they are...
but they cook up nicely.

Mmmm!  Baked apple and custard, stewed apple on my cereal, apple pie, apple crumble...
No wonder I have a few problems climbing fences.....


  1. green with envy over here. :)

  2. Yesterday was a perfect autumn day in your valley, Hazel. Perfect for apple and quince knapping! Perfect day to enjoy soup made from your garden. I had a perfect day! Caesar

  3. At least you asked the owner of the quinces if it was okay to take them, not like SOME people we know.....
    Figs..there is nothing like fig jam and cream on bread...

  4. Wow aren't you lucky! Happy Fence climbing. I noticed today I have a deep pink Camellia showing a lot of colour in its buds too :)

  5. one of my neighbours makes quince jelly for my children..the children think it taste like honey..i'll never forget the 1st time i bit into a quince thinking it was just a nobbly apple aarrghh!

  6. Ooo now I want to be adopted so I can be taken on a fence jumping mission! I LOVE missions. Can we all dress in black and wear balaklavas?

  7. I've never heard the word quangers before! But I've also never tasted a quince before so that just goes to show how uneducated I am.

  8. Scrumping hey, don't forget your milk crate.

  9. What a bounty! Free stuff always tastes better! Whats the cook going to make with the quangers? Some of them look like the cats bum fruit! hehe cats bum fruit!

  10. Havn't heard that word scrumping since I was a girl in England but that's what you were doing Hazel until you asked permission. It was the best entertainment when I was a girl but for some reason beyond me, I was always the one up the tree throwing the fruit down to the little gang of girls catching them in their skirts. OH what lovely memories, and now I'm jealous I want to do it again. Not that my legs or back would let me now but we can only dream. Can't wait to see the recipes.

  11. Nice fruit I have great memories of scrumping with my grandpa once upon a time I lived in scrumpy country

  12. I'll swap you some quince jelly for some sultana olives.

  13. ...Or some lime or lemon curd

  14. I just realised that Suzanne was dissing me! You cheeky eggplant picking bounder!

  15. Love the smell of quinces in the slow cooker...roses!

  16. Well, Ali, Im not one to point fingers...but....I have my whole hand waving at you..!!!!!!!

  17. Do you and/or The Cook, have a recipe for Membrillo? (Quince "cheese", very popular in Spain). I love the stuff with some Manchego cheese and a few smoked almonds... Perhaps a glass of Sherry.

  18. Caeser: I had a wonderful day too. :-)

    Von: Thanks for the word, scrumping. I hadn't heard it before and I love the memories and comments it initiated. I am now a confirmed scrumper!

    Mrs Bok, I would love the quinces in the slow cooker recipe...please. My email is in the side bar.

    Ali and Suzanne please stop squabbling on my blog. Ali: I am reconsidering my offer.

    And Mar...yum. We had a go at it last year but lost takes ages with lots of stirring. But it is on the list for this year.

  19. So it's ok to check out a guys figs ? ;)
    I've never seen a Quince that size. We do have them here but they went out of fashion a long.long time ago.
    Great post! Mo

  20. But where are the pics of the fence climbing, surely they deserve a viewing. Great post love your blog, I have been popping in and out for a while but have now remembered to add you to my list so I don't miss a thing.

  21. I have seen the photos of the fence climb....the words 'able to leap tall fences in a single bound' comes to mind! hehehehe.


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