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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Trash or treasure

One person's trash is another person's treasure

Isn't that the truth!
I may have mentioned that my mum has gone into an aged care facility and my sisters and I have been busy clearing her house.  It was a surprisingly simple task as she has always been house proud and the queen of decluttering. 
Why oh why, didn't I inherit the cleaning and decluttering genes instead of the big bum gene?  *sigh*
Anyway, as part of the process the whole extended family has had the opportunity to choose from the household items.  I found it interesting which items were highly sought after and which have been left to take to the op-shop.

Here are my treasures.  

The look and feel of these large jars conjure memories of Saturday mornings 
in Mum's kitchen, cooking up a storm with the sisters.

The peg tin!
Once again, the feel of the edge of the tin in fingers and its weight are evocative of my childhood.

This is also a sentimental object as it is an old tin that once held infant formula.  
The infant was Tyrone, a cousin and the tin is about 60 years old.  
I know certain family members in Kalgoorlie will love this one.


I also chose this mirror which used to belong to my grandmother, the vase from mum's wedding crystal and a couple of glass items. 

Then there was the shed...Dad's shovel, the drill and bit (destined as art somewhere), his hedge clippers and other bits n pieces.

But best of all.....  I got the dunny door!
It has hardly been used, because we all used to sit on the throne with the door open, enjoying the view out over the garden.  I will post about it at a later date and show you what I will use it for. 
I don't understand why no-one fought me for it!


  1. I am interested in kowing what where the highly sort after items??

  2. Hazel it's great that you are able to retrieve and use these things that are important to you. They will stay with you for a long time and keep all the memories together.

  3. Hope all goes well for your Mum in her new home. I totally empathise with your selection Hazel. Mum lives with us now but when she left the family home to come here ten years ago she had to get rid of a lot of stuff. One thing I wouldn't let go and now it's mine -- the cane 'dirty clothes' basket. Ah childhood memories of when I stood on tiptoe to drop my clothes in. Now it's waist high -- and I'm a shortie!

  4. Just as well I'm not your sister..I would have!No greater treasure than an old dunny door!

  5. You should have poped in when you were in town!
    Glad to hear you got the dunny door after all!
    I hope using your mum and dad's old things brings a happy smile to your face.

  6. Very wise choices Hazel. Their value will never diminish.

  7. Lovely to have these little treasures.I remember having to go through my mother in laws things. The mixing bowls, rolling pin sifter linen and her blankets are where I find comfort and memories. I love the infant formula tin, that's great, and what a lovely mirror.

  8. These are special treasures. I wonder if your Mum would be surprised by the things that you treasured the most? As mothers I don't think we really know what our kids would think were special to them from their childhood. Makes me wonder what my kids would want to keep from their childhood!

  9. I really like the clothes peg tin. Not sure about the dunny door choice. Don't think I'd have fought you for it but I look forward to seeing what you do.

  10. Oh, a dunny door...and not only that, it is your childhood dunny door.....I would have grabbed it too....My nana had a wash house, a painted white corrogated iron washhouse, with cement sinks..and a door that I wish to goodness I had ripped off the hinges when her house was sold...actually, I wish I could have picked up the whole thing...sinks and all...
    I think your peg bucket is indeed very lovely...what a great piece that is....I have my nanas and will post about it now you have shown me yours... :)
    I do hope the move has been a good one for your mum...its such a huge transition for the elderly at a time in their life when they least want it...when my children are older, I will pursue my options for becoming an aged carer,,I am such a nana already, I think I will be really good at it! I do so love nana's......thanks for sharing your beautiful family treasures....and memories...

  11. ps, I got the big boob gene...I am hoping beyond hope it does not get passed onto my girls...

  12. Old things have such a wonderful realism to them that I find lacking in many modern items. Like I would love using that hand drill.

  13. What a great selection of treasured memory items. I love your choices, especially (and weirdly) the dunny door - perhaps because of the story that goes with it :)

  14. LOL! The Dunny door, congrats on that, the very thought is making me grin!! Love the mirror, looks like you have some lovely memories in your treasures.

  15. You got the dunny door? Excellent!

    Does it get any better than that?

    I think not.

  16. A gorgeous, warm, sentimental post almost too precious to read. Thank you for sharing those memories.

  17. Plenty of treasures there Missy, especially the mirror. Quite a heart warming post, at least some of your mum's possessions are definitely going to a good home :)

  18. If i ask a most probably silly question "whats a dunny?"

  19. Just googled it so was your dunny dinkum? what a great name for a toilet. I cant wait to see this door.

  20. A rusty old glaxo tin full of memories (and pegs)

  21. Some lovely sentiments there Hazel. Your post has got me wondering what my kids will treasure most amongst my posessions when I'm gone... Maybe be it will be a gardening tool of some sort.
    I still treasure (and use very often) an Army blanket that my Dad was issued in WW2. I keep it in the back of my car. It's still in near-perfect condition.

  22. lovely memories I too would love a dunny door. My daughter has one on her shed and I love it, I love rustic things hanging on them too.


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