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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Perched in the creek

I found two young women up to their armpits in the creek today. 

This would not be an unusual event in summer,
but it was raining and cold today.

They were from the Department of Sustainability and Environment 
and they are involved in a survey of Murray Perch.

Now that is dedication to your science.

Meet Murray, the perch....

Photo of silver perch
Click on the picture for information about the Murray perch.

I hadn't thought of us being part of the Murray Darling catchment...
but our creek runs into the Goulburn River which runs into the Murray.

 The nets are long conical affairs, held in place at each end, 
at a 45 degree angle from the bank. 

 On the downstream/open end of the nets is a long net wing.  

The perch, who like to dine in the dark, 
come to the wing and swim along looking for a way past, 
only to end up in the net.  

The top end of the net is to the left bottom corner of the photo below.  
You can sort of see the open end in the water and that stake out in the middle is holding the wing.
There is another one on the other side and more further upstream.

I was worried about the platypus.  
However, there is a float in the bank end of the net holding it out of the water.  
If the platypus swims in, 
he will be held out of the water so he can breathe 
and will be released in the morning.

I am interested to see what they catch.

But the catch is
 that they are coming back at 7:30 in the morning.

Mmmm! Too early for this old trout 
to be on the rise!


  1. We bought Murray perch fingerlings for our dam last year. They're aquacultured ones, not wild ones, and they need running water to breed. But they are growing well in the dam. With the state of wild fisheries we figure it's more ethical to see if we can grow our own. I'm really happy to hear they're there in the wild.

  2. Go on - give yourself an Easter treat and get up early! You'll be kicking yourself if you don't, and always wondering what exactly they did catch.

  3. I agree with Duchess...there's always naps! And I've never seen a platypus before...

  4. How exciting! Go on...get up and see for all of us.

  5. Hazel, when the adoption goes through, we are getting up early to appreciate nature. Start practising now and photograph what they catch!

  6. I was amused to hear that your creek runs into the Goulburn River. Jane's family come from a place in Lancashire called Golborne, after which your river may well be named.

    P.s. Please get us a photo of a real live platypus!

  7. I think getting up at 7.30 might be worth it, you never know what you might see! ...and maybe the Cook can capture the moment on camera too!

  8. Of course you must get up - you have heavy responsibilities to fulfil for your readers now! And most of us have never seen a perch, let alone a platypus.... Go on, set that alarm!

  9. Oh oh oh exciting! My study is on platypus but I have never seen a living one.

  10. Looks like you have to set the alarm for 7 am Hazel!

  11. How exciting! You need to get up to see for us all. Go back to bed latter.

    It's also great the job is being done by 2 young women. What an interesting job they have.

    God, admin is killing me......

  12. Sorry to disappoint you all but your entreaties and pleas fell on deaf old trout like me needs as much beauty sleep as she can have! Besides, the post was written the day before and was posted after the event...the girls had come and gone before you all read about them. I must say, I did get up at 8.00 and raced out thinking they would have needed time to remove the traps...but they were already gone. They have my email though, and promised to send the data through.


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