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I ran away from teaching to the country to grow veggies. There are also some chooks and a pair of troublesome goats who were so much trouble they had to go! My simple green life isn't always as simple or as green as I'd like...but I keep trying!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

More leaks

I planted chinese kale, japanese turnips, english spinach, more spanish onions, brown onions, beetroot, chantenay red cored carrots, red dragon carrots, early purple turnips, shallots, and more snow peas and leeks.

Then I discovered another leak.  

There's a hole in my watering can dear Liza, dear Liza
There's a hole in my watering can dear Liza, a hole.

Then fix it dear Hazel, dear Hazel....etc,

With what shall I fix it dear Liza, dear Liza .... etc.

With a straw dear Hazel, dear Hazel, a straw.

I always thought that was a a funny song but a stupid suggestion!  
A straw?  

But guess what?

It works!

Well it worked long enough to get the job done.
Inspiration comes from strange places sometimes.

I wonder how that hole came to be in the watering can? 
Oh, that's right....


  1. Surely Goats don't eat metal watering cans!! That would hurt on the way out I imagine!

    I am so behind in my autumn planting! All I have is peas and BB's! So much for my early preparation.

    Oh and I did go up through FD on my way to Yea! I wondered where you were and why you werent flagging me down seeing me go past in the Nana bus!

  2. I love goats. My sister has a goat that loves going for a ride in the wheel barrow.

  3. I was at first looking for leeks than I noticed leaks than I laughed than I sang along than I was amazed and than I said aww see what happens when I read your blog ;)

  4. What a shame that your shiny new watering-can should fall victim to the antics of those naughty goats. Hopefully it is repairable in the longer term.
    On the veg front: you seem to grow a lot of carrots. Are you troubled by the carrot root fly? I have practically given up growing carrots because even the "fly-resistant" ones succumb.

  5. LOL.LOL.LOL. Really? That goat can be very cheeky.

  6. Your raised veg bed from salvaged goods (yesterday post) looks a good job. The recent peaing & leeking activity.. well.. what can I say.. may your resutls be bountiful.

  7. LOL funny goat - but ingenious of you to use a straw! Funny that it stops the leak when really you drink from them too. Your planting sounds great just in sync with the gorgeous storybook autumn moon we had.

  8. Hee hee, just as long as you don't spring a leak and stick a straw in it Hazel!!!

  9. The autumn light through the bamboo is fabulous.

  10. Phoebe...I am just off the main road. If you had known where to look you would have been able to get a glimpse of my place.

    Mark...I only plant a row of carrots at a time. They don't always it may seem like a lot, but it isn't. I just persist and that way I get enough to make me happy.


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