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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Excuses and excesses

Yesterday I went, with my daughter and her two boys to an Easter egg hunt
at the Mornington Racecourse. 
This is my excuse for this not being a gardening, cooking, recycling etc. post.

The main stage had a series of shows for the kids.  As you can see, lots of music and dancing...and not just on the stage. There were also carnival rides and terrific craft activities.

In another part of the racecourse they had sectioned off areas where they tossed out chocolate eggs in the grass then set fifty or so children (in age groups) off to gather as many as they could...which was too many in anyone's language!  And please don't think I am being an old humbug (can you be a humbug at Easter?)....because there were 500,000 eggs all up. This photo is just a small number of the eggs two little boys collected on their own.

It was so cute to see the faces of the littlies when they saw the eggs and began collecting.  But the down side was some of the adults who, not content to just encourage and support their children, were raking up the eggs with their fingers and scooping handfuls into the children's bags.  I saw one older girl go in several times, even when it clearly wasn't her age group.   She walked away with a shopping bag full!
Greed is always ugly, I think.

But I won't whinge too much because it was a fun day and it would be a very mean Grandma who would deny a couple of little boys their dreams of chocolate eggs at Easter. 

Now...all together... AWWWWW!


  1. Sweet...

    You take great photos. What sort of camera do you have - pixel, zoom etc. I'm getting a new camera and have no idea what I'm looking at.

  2. You might know how much I love chocolate but I'm feeling a bit queazy.....
    Judith try the Cannon Eos, lovely job.

  3. Judith, I am glad you ike my photos. I use a little compact Canon Ixus 105. 12.1 megapixels, Can't remember any other details. A part of me would like a fancy SLR digital, but I like a camera I can keep in my pocket. Mine goes everywhere I go and I can whip it out as required. If I had an expensive camera I would have to be careful of my investment.

    I also take heaps of photos and lots get trashed. I also do a little bit of tweeking on the computer...just to sharpen or brighten them a bit. Cropping is also a great way to remove the background rubbish you don't want.

  4. I guess that greedy little girl will have a giant belly ache, because if her parents let her do that, then they will probably not monitor how many get popped into her mouth afterwards....I wonder what chocolate vomit looks like..?

  5. That last photo is really awwwwww!

  6. Awwwwwww
    Is you post sponsored by Cadbury, Hazel?

  7. Thanks Hazel and Von. I've added both cameras to my list to investigate.

  8. Awww indeed. Great photo of 2 boys surrounded by chocolate. I just saw a picture of my 2 nephews on the roof! Much safer to be surrounded by chocolate!!

  9. the way...SLR's are great but can be a bit cumbersome.

  10. That post was realy cruel to all(ME) Three years without a Cadbury in sight and there you can roll in it boohhoo(that's me weeping)But I have to say AWWWW... cute picture proud Grandma Hazel.

  11. Just had another look I realised there is no hope for me I have to go to Choco - Anon

  12. Hi Hazel, it's true this post isn't about gardening etc like they usually are. But us humans must also engage in very important matters, like grandchildren and chocolate. cheers, cm

  13. Awwwww! from me too. That is a serious amount of chocolate. Once in a while it's OK, but I hope the kids also enjoy a bit of fruit and veg!

  14. Thanks for the mental image of chocolate vomit Enchanted moments.
    Hope the boys enjoyed their day.


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