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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hunkering down

This last week has been still, sunny and warm
but the Autumn equinox has come and gone,
the clocks have been turned back and the nights are drawing  in.

The leaves are turning and falling
The Cook has been beavering away laying down food in the freezer.
The rug has been rolled out in the lounge
and the couch moved in front of the fire. 

 The animals are vying for the best spot and Mickey appears to be going to extremes to claim the best real estate.

The smell of citrus peel drying on the top of the fire smells divine.

 I wish I remembered which blog I saw this on... but once dried it is added to the fire as a fire starter.  Now that is a very nice recycling idea.

Bring on the Winter....
we're ready!


  1. We must of read the same blog because last winter I read about citrus peel somewhere too. I was surprised when it worked.

    I also keep the lavender prunings too as they are great for helping the fire get going. Just like citrus you have to let them completely dry out.

    We've had strange weather this week. We had the wood fire going a couple of nights early in the week and then yesterday it was 31 degrees...

  2. All looks so nice and cosy, but don't forget to let the cat out of the fire before you light it ha ha

  3. LOL pussy cat! And love the dried peel idea, will be giving that a try :)

  4. Your cats are wonderful! I am so looking forward to moving back into our own house so we can get one or two of those furry characters of our own.

  5. Tell me that is just a reflection of Mickey on the fireplace?!

  6. I have never heard of of the dried citrus peel trick. Excellent use for something that we tend to bury in the garden at our place.

    Looks cosy!

  7. What a fantastic idea. I'll be saving my lemon peels from now on.

  8. An interesting dish, do you cook the cat for long, or just enough to singe the fur..?

  9. LOL the cat looks slightly worried in there! O add dried orange peel to soup. Your place looks so cosy!

  10. Just wondering what ready for winter means. I am just starting to plant my gardens, this being my first real year of wanting to store enough food for the winter months. we're you able to can and store away most of the food you will need? love your blog.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. For those of you who are worried about the fate of the cat in the fire...relax, it was a reflection. Sometimes you can just be lucky with a photo.

    Dennis and Tammy, The Cook has just been freezing some of our produce and we have made jam and some sauces and pickles. We certainly won't be able to live free of shopping or anything but it is wonderful to be able to go to the freezer and take out some stewed apple to make an apple crumble or to thaw some pesto for spaghetti...knowing it is made from your own summer and autumn produce. We want to do more preserving and dehydrating in the future but we are also quite new to slowly, slowly.

  13. I love the lemon peel idea, how fabulous. You are so lucky to have a fire in the house, I am really thinking of having one put in here, I have a lot of wood that I could use. Does it heat up the whole house?

  14. Great Photo! And thanks for the Citrus Peel tip. It looks like we had our summer this weekend so I may be needing that tip sooner rather than later ;) Mo


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