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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Shake a tail feather

I suppose he can still shake a tail feather...he has ONE left.
But poor Brewster couldn't even get a job as a feather duster these days.  

Moulting must be humiliating for a rooster.


  1. Hazel he is lovely! He doesn't look too humiliated to me, he looks like he's been there and done that already a few times. How old is he? cheers Wendy

  2. Oh...poor guy! I think he still looks handsome though.

  3. No-one beats a Silkie rooster for handsome and self-confident!One feather, who cares!!

  4. Brewster is a Buff Cochin and it is his first moult. He was only a cockerel last year.

  5. Hazel I think he knew what you were going to write about him -- look at that eye! :)

  6. He looks like he could still 'bust a move'. Looks so soft too.

  7. Oh Hazel, he is one spectacular young man! I would love to have a rooster, and did so for a short while, but oh the suburban people of my street did not like his crow. Only a bantam too, so not exactly a strong crow, but there you go.

    Hang on to him and be proud!

  8. What a great looking guy! I love how he's proudly showing off his one lone feather:)


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