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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fruitful labours

Thanks for all the advice about planting seeds.  

The next lot I plant, I will use seed raising mix and bio char only.
Once the seeds are up and I water with liquid seaweed, the bio char should hold the nutrients and make them available to the seedlings.

The seeds planted only five days ago in my compost mix have germinated.

These are the older seedlings in plain seed raising mix.  They have developed their second leaves so I will now pick these out and pot them into compost.

Check this first seven raspberries.
Already gone (yum), but not forgotten. 

I have shared a photo of this beauty in a recent header but it is so big and beautiful that I wanted you to see all of it.  I love the shape and colour and am always amazed at how fast pumpkins grow once they set.


  1. Oh, wow...that pumpkin is amazing....I have hoo...but a ^%$&* big vine!!!'
    I so love admiring vegies....gorgeous day in the garden here, going to head back out there I think..Ive been planting today...x

  2. Serious pumkin and berry envy here!

  3. Impressive pumpkin!!

  4. Wow what a huge pumpkin!! Those berries look sooo yummy! Your seedlings are just simply adorable. I always think of mine as little babies and I get so excited when they get their 2nd leaves and more leaves and more leaves! :)

    Hazel, I have given a blogger award to you. Check it out!

  5. Hey impressive pumpkin! I have a good vine but I'm not sure if I'll get any pumpkins. I wonder if I planted it too late? Fingers crossed. Hope you make pumpkin soup or pumpkin risotto. Funny I used to hate pumpkin as a kid but now like it a lot.

  6. hhmm that pumpkin is looking good..

  7. Those raspberries look superb. Will you remember those first seven even when they are followed by loads more at a later date, just as they say you always remember your first kiss??? Seeing your brassica seedlings reminds me I must get round to sowing some of my own. I'm trying some new varieties this year (e.g. some "oriental" ones" so I shall have to go and do a bit of research, and not just rely on my previous experience.

  8. The pumpkin is a piece of art! Not even a blemish!

  9. Oh my gosh! I want to bite those raspberries! Mine are just getting buds!

  10. Nice looking seedlings and I can't remember the last time I had a raspberry but will always remember that velvety taste. I work in a playschool in the north of Israel we have started to collect the toilet roll to use them as plant pots usually we put them on the compost .


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