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Sunday, March 20, 2011

The marriage bed

The veil was actually a mosquito net/canopy thingy for over a bed.  Now it is gracing the vegetable garden with it's presence to keep the white butterflies away from my brassicas.  
Obviously, any gaps will need to be plugged.

Okay, some of you guessed correctly!

Last year I used a mosquito net over the brassicas and was able to produce PERFECT specimens without a single drop of insecticide or dust.  I have read all sorts of advice on blogs about plastic butterfies, companion planting, manual removal of caterpillars.   

But why bother when it is this easy?

So here is the second bed I have prepared for my brassica babies. First there are a few stakes and a frame made from string.  You will notice I had to contend with the 'has beans' and the last season, my dear!

Next is the net.
Well in this case it is a curtain bought from an op-shop, worn only once by a wanna be bride.

The union has already been consumated...and the fertile bed is already full of bouncing babies just like the one below.

To ensure this method works you must:
1.   Make sure your seedlings do not already have any butterfly eggs on them. 
2.   Weight the bottom of the net and make sure there are no gaps.
3.   Check regularly to make sure the wind hasn't conspired to open doors for the butterflies.

Thank you for your entries, some of which were very creative. 
I have responded to individuals in the comment section of yesterday's post
The Winner is...

...Miss Ali...because she has a silver tongue and she wins all my competitions.


  1. Brassica? Do you eat them? Google here I come. Congratulations Miss Ali.

  2. I win I win I win!

    I'd say in your face people who didn't win, but that would be such Bad Form.

    A shed stay and Hazel's hand, I do hope everyone realises the biblical implications of Hazel's competitions.

    Yep, Hazel is looking to recreate conditions for the coming of the saviour. I'm just not sure which role I am being cast in, Mary or Joseph???

  3. Just don't let the chooks in!

  4. ps is the pavlova part of the deal?

  5. oh I do wish I had a bigger garden to grow things like you.

  6. Congratulations Ali, winning the pavlova would be a great prize!

  7. Well done Ali, love to the bride and cook. xx

  8. Go Ali! :) Hazel I love your idea! I've tried bird netting...NO JOY! Those pesky butterflies all innocent looking but destruction bombing can squeeze in!! Not happy. Giving your curtain a go! Op shop here I come!

  9. Hazel, I may have to replicate your idea, very organic as well. Congrats to Ali!

  10. Ali, My equipment has had the gong, so you will have to be Mary. The pavlova made the Cook feel better and she has promised to cook you another one when you come down. :-)

    As to anyone who wants to copy the curtains in the veggie patch method...that is THE whole idea....copy away!

  11. Hummmm, mozzie netting hey. I do like squishing grubs though. I only plant a few here and there so I might have to make up individual homes for each one. A few bamboo stakes and a peg or two should do the trick.

  12. I am so excited Hazel! I went shopping today and bought a bridal veil. Caesar

  13. That's very creative and effective! And why not use it, seems easy enough to put up

  14. Good on you Ali ;-)
    Well done Hazel, very inventive use for the veil.


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