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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hazel's Dream Competition

 I was married once but never got to be a proper bride.  
But a girl has to dream and today I had a little role play...just to see what it would feel like.
Now you know my sad secret.

I asked The Cook, as she took these pictures, if I looked demure.
She said, 'What? Manure?'
I think her hearing is going.


Actually this is a hint about tomorrow's post.
I am running a competition and the winner can have my hand in marriage.
I have already asked The Cook to give me away.
She said, rather too quickly, "It would be my pleasure!"
I did not like her tone.

To win this fabulous prize leave a comment with a guess about the subject of the next post.

Hint:  It has something to do with these photos and repurposing.

The Cook says she will throw in a set of steak knives.


  1. Oh Hazel, I can't think of anything, totally clueless and my brain is still sleeping. The only thing I can think of when looking at your wedding dress is you are using it for something in the garden maybe. It still early to have frost so it might not be what I think it is. Looking forward for your next post! More seeds to sow today...

  2. Can I still win even though I already won the shed stay? And may I just add Hazel, you look as demure as a young lass fresh out of the convent.

  3. Flattery will get you everywhere, Miss Ali. However, you can't win unless you guess what the post is about. If you win you could combine the two prizes...a wedding and accommodation. :-)

  4. LOL. Almost speechless....curtains.

  5. I've had two weddings already so I'll pass on the most generous prize, but all I can think of is using the train to keep the birds off your seedlings.

  6. You girls seem like you have lots of fun...what a great way to be...I think these were curtains in a former life, with that aqua trim...but you have repurposed them beautifully...I could do with a set of steak knives, so here goes.
    I can see some frames in the background photo, maybe , maybe not...I think you are going to cover the frames with netting for some new plants, berries?..Anyway, do goats eat curtains...probably...
    Mosquito nets? hmmmm

  7. Are you using the netting to keep the white cabbage moths away from your seedlings? Nice bouquet by the way!

  8. Oh Hazel, I wouldnt have a clue. For once I have been left speechless. (doesnt happen very often ). Maybe you are going to mummify the goats ????

  9. I would have guessed old curtains - although they don't look real old - and making them into the shelter stuff for frosts or to keep them pests from eating the caulis, broccolis and cabbages. Looks like you are having fun though so I reckon it doesn't matter what you do with it next - its already given you a smile and some of your blog followers too.

  10. Ooooh I know I know! I need a veil just like that for my own brassicas. The mosquito net I was planning when I dug it out from under the bed was for a baby's cot. That veil would be perfect protection against white cabbage moths! Oh no in my excitement I just read Linn's comment and she's beat me to it. Damn.

  11. I'd say we have sheets and a mosquito net, perhaps curtains that you are going to repurpose into the matrimonial bed or, more likely, you'll use in the garden. There is however a serious omission Hazel, where is the bride's orange fake tan? Perhaps that's why The Cook mentioned manure?

  12. You look so nice, but I think you are going to create a very romantic swathed pergola, sort of like the balinese type. I think also it is probably for a celebration,maybe you are hosting a wedding. No really I give up.

  13. 'are there animals envolved...' oh goodness, these comments are getting better and better...Hazel you are a total cack....what a great post, I keep coming back and looking what people have written..!!!!

  14. Hazel; I'm not eligible for the prize since I'm already married, but I'll have a go at the comp anyway (especially since I'm married to a comper!). I reckon you must be going to use the net curtains for protecting your crops from bugs and butterflies.

  15. i think that you will be making laundry wash bags or produce bags from the nets :D

  16. From this day forward,
    You shall not walk alone.
    My curtains will be your shelter,
    And flowers will decorate our home.

  17. Exciting!!! Perhaps it has something to do with your beautiful bouquet???

    Cant wait to see... :)

  18. Well my first thought was........... then the cook added steak knives I hope you don't take this the wrong way mutton dressed as lamb so maybe your having sheep manure delivered and the net would make great manure tea bags

  19. from a family of sheep farmers we love our sheep

  20. JeanetteAnn said a swathed pergola, and that sounds fairly feasible. Maybe an outdoor eating porch, where you can enjoy mutten, completely surrounded by netting...bug free. But then the goats may want to eat the netting... Or maybe even a sleeping porch.. or my last one, maybe a net lean-to, to protect your lilies.

  21. Ooo...Miss, I know, I know....(arm and hand extended, madly waving in the air)'re going to line the basket in the background with the curtains and then fill them with soil and plants bulbs in them. :)

  22. wow! You are a creative lot.

    I forgot to say in the original post that anyone in a relationship is ineligible. So that rules out a lot of people, including Veggiegobbler (what would Monkey Man have to say?), and Mark as if I would steal you from the Comp lady!

    Linn was spot on..but 12 children Linn? What were you thinking...I will have to turn down your entry...I couldn't ever cope with that many kids, our union would be doomed from the start!

    Elsie just keep on smilin!

    Yes Rose, why are brides all orange these days?

    Jeanetteanne gets points for painting a lovely picture even though she was wrong.

    Cathy! Mutton dressed as Lamb? A young gorgeous thing like me could get upset about that...but then my gorgeousness is wrapped in very thick skin.

    I liked Egretta's stream of consciousness entry.

    Judith's excitement is infectious.

    Reader 1 = you know I would marry you in a flash if you asked...your poetry made me melt!

  23. Oh Hazel, your humour is delicious.
    I'm late, as usual, to your posts, but had some great laughs from everyone! :D)


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