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Monday, March 21, 2011


Even the Universe has conspired to bless my nuptuals...and provided a very special moon.  
It truly looked beautiful as it rose...and huge!   
It is a super full moon...a once in every 20 years event where the moon's oval shaped orbit puts it closest to the Earth.  
It appears 14% bigger and 30% brighter.

I only managed a few inferior shots but I have coloured them in for you.  
As I am on my honeymoon 
(a once in 40 year event) 
it is the best I could do.


  1. It was a stunning moon. My mobile phone did it absolutely no justice and HH´s digital SLR has lens issues which still have to be rectified so there are no pics for me either, good, bad or down right hideous.

  2. I like your special effects ... very cool.

  3. I get a real laugh from your posts Hazel - your little words of wisdom don't hurt either :)

  4. We had a spectacular view of the Super-Moon here. It was a really clear, cloudless night. As it happens, I was out for Dinner on Saturday, and had good opportunity to admire the moon (but not photograph it) while walking home late in the evening.
    Wouldn't it be nice if the moon could be colour-adjusted at will, in order to fit in with our moods??

  5. What I'd like to know is what the cook is doing with MY pavlova!

  6. Loved your moon photos! Wonder if cook could be persuaded to share her pavlova recipe? I took a trip to Northern Ireland last summer on quest for the best pavlova....a true eat fest!

  7. Beautiful shots Hazel! Some of them are eerie (in a good way) :-)

  8. Beaut photos - like the colours and glows around them.


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