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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Farmyard fashion

Today, I want to talk to you about fashion...chook fashion.
First though,  I want you to appreciate the lengths I went to capturing photos for this post.

Have a look at this first picture... those girls can run when there is papparazzi around.

The six chicks we successfully raised are cross breeds.  
As such, they are not shackled by the social mores of an elite breed 
who must dress according to judged standards.

Each has developed their own style have happily mixed and matched outfits to suit their whims.
Even their choice of hose is notable.

Vera, a classy chick, wears ginger feathers with subtle highlights and eye catching, bright yellow stockings.

Whereas one of her other brown/ginger sisters has chosen to contrast her outfit with a black feather collar and stunning blue stockings.  Maybe she is the clever one and is referencing those first women who entered universities and whose uniform included the blue stockings that were the source of their nickname.  To me she always looks cold.

Heckle and Jeckle are both black with varying degrees  of contrasting brown feathers and plain black feet.  Their casual outfits suit their easy, friendly personalities. These girls don't stress about fashion, or anything else much.

Poor Hortense suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after being pecked in the eye by a foster mother.   Every time she looks in the mirror she is reminded, by her disfigurement, of this tragic event. 
She is quite flighty and highly strung, probably because of her condition
To match her mood, every day she dons the same all black outfit,
but it does shine iridescent green in the sunlight.
She completes her outfit with plain black stockings.

Strangely, she carefully paints the nails on her longest toes white.  

Maybe her outfit and her toe polish are designed to draw your eye down and away from her poor face.

I had one of the girls keeping an eye out for Brewster.  It was a good thing I did, because it wasn't long before he came marching over wanting me to take a photo of his pure bred Cochin feet.  

In his considered opinion his feet set the standard for all chook feet.  
According to him, they are so big and manly and lose nothing by having had their spurs blunted. 
He is so sure of his masculinity, that he feels he can get away with wearing fluffy pantaloons right down to his toes.

And then there are the Silkies.  
Just between you and I, I don't think they will ever be fully accepted into the flock.  
The poor little things go to great lengths with their outfits and they visit the hairdresser daily...
but those feet!

Well, I suppose they could pluck their toes 
or buy some nice boots to cover their strangeness.


  1. My my! What coordinated and classy girls you have (except for the silkies maybe...) Perhaps silkies have those cute coiffeurs to draw attention away from their strange feet?
    And Brewster!! He is just too gorgeous for words!! This pantaloons are truly display his elegant and avant-guard style.

  2. Your fashion show leaves the recent Myer event for dead - but I couldn't help wondering how they let you take such great photos. They must be very tame.

  3. I know a good podiatrist...
    Those girls are gorgeous, I especially love the one white toenail on each foot...

  4. One of the aspects of silkies I love is their feet!
    I had an Indian Game with one eye and she developed some amazing qualities, time will tell and those white toenails are certainly interesting!

  5. What a wonderful way of looking at these creatures! We had little bantams when I was a kid, and loved their golden feathers... We called them Goldie (did I mention I was five!).

  6. Ohhhh what a wonderful post Hazel. Great photographs and clever words!

  7. Yes, males look very fetching in pantaloons.

  8. Hazel - great post, and I have a funny image of you running round taking the photos and checking out their toes.

  9. Duchess...I don't get that horrible picture out of your mind. As for photographing is amazing what some 'models' will do for a handful of grain.

  10. Best post ever. After reading this chicken feet are now a close second favourite of mine, fluffy chicken butts will always be first though.

  11. Haha. I don't run either, so I know what you mean.
    I have one little bantam who likes to be fed separately from the others, so she waits patiently at the gate when the others go manic over the feed. Who would have thought there could be such a brain in such a little head.

  12. Oh Hortense my heart goes out to you for your toils with your wicked stepmother.

    We want to say that although we are a flock far away, we recognize kindred spirits in our stylish and so put-together! sophisticated sister boks.

    Love from your fellow fluffy bloomer brigade, The Bok Flock

    P.s. If you'd ever want to share Brewster...!


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