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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My worst nightmare!

On the radio yesterday I heard author,  Elizabeth Tova Bailey interviewed about her book entitled, 
The sound of a wild snail eating.
In her memoir she writes of the experience of coping with a chronic illness.  
During her protracted illness a friend presented her with a snail and she .... 
well you will have to read the book.  
I am certainly going to seek it out based on the interview.
The nightmare is this video she loaded onto YouTube. 

Have a look and a listen, and see if it doesn't make your blood curdle.

If that left you unaffected...
you are not a serious gardener!


  1. I am waiting on this book at local library. I can only assume that her snail is much much nicer than the ones I have crunched in vegie garden. Did you enjoy the book - was it a fast or snails pace?? hhah

  2. oops just realised you haven't read the book yet - I'll race you.

  3. I have never had snails in my garden - I used to pick them out of the garden at my aunts as a child but I have never seen them in my own garden. I sort of feel I am missing out and only really good gardens have them. Maybe I don't have anything they want to eat!

  4. Lovely, mesmerising and calming entree to a book that has now piqued my interest. Job well done little video!

    As for snails? Nope, none in my garden. However in permaculture speak I have an excess of ducks who view their existence as living with a deficit of snails.

  5. I heard that interview on RN too. She sounded like an interesting lady, but I cant see why snails are elegant...
    It was a wood snail though not an evil garden snail apparently... Ill have to watch the video when I’m not at work!

  6. I have lizards in my garden, big blue tongue lizards, so only snail shells.....
    I was eating my lunch reading this post, so I didnt realise it was the snail munching there for a minute or me..!!!!!!

  7. Well I hope there will not be any more squishing of these delicate creatures.

    Thanks for sharing the video, it slowed my life down by 4.31 minutes so that cant be bad!

    btw we dont have any snails here, too dry...


  8. Well it was a bit slow for me....rolf....bahaha
    Ahem, seriously though, I was fascinated once by watching a snail drinking falling water.
    Isn't that Entertaining With Elegance book a crack up! It was published in 1966 and has some really stiff moments.

  9. Well, you've made me realise that I am a very impatient person. I got fed up with that snail and couldn't watch it to the end! Admittedly, I've just come from a couple of frantic, noisy drama classes and a speedy bike ride home to beat the rain... but still I can't slow down. What lucky people who don't have snails in their garden.

  10. I don't get why it's your worst nightmare?

    I liked it, very peaceful, but like VG I got impatient... and looked at other pages while waiting for more text to come up... sloooooooooooow down my frantic pace...

    ps tell the cook that I know the "it's in the post trick".

  11. I kept waiting for the snail to DO SOMETHING or for something strange to happen. All it did was eat, which was really sort of pitiful. After all, do we eat to live or live to eat? Not my worst nightmare....I feel kind of sorry for the fellow.

  12. It is so meditating watching that snail, I don't think I could ever kill one again.


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