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I ran away from teaching to the country to grow veggies. There are also some chooks and a pair of troublesome goats who were so much trouble they had to go! My simple green life isn't always as simple or as green as I'd like...but I keep trying!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Veggie garden update

I was so excited about having my sister's camera, I went a bit mad mad.  I hope you can cope with twenty-four photos!  I will try to cut down on the words to make up for it.

The vegetable garden is roughly rectangular...but wider at the back.  The part nearest the house has that pipe enclosure with (torn) bird netting that I have to get around to replacing.

This first photo from one of the back corners looking diagonally to the opposite front corner.
 It features the corn/pumpkin/bean bed in the front. 

Taken from the same place but looking along the back fence of the property...the berry house.

I must tie up those raspberries.

Still in the back section some of the carrots.  
You can see that there have been subsequent plantings and they are at different stages.

A fairly recent planting of camomile (on the edge of the carrot bed) and a recently planted rainbow chard. 

One lot of beans.  Lazy housewife (wonderful) with some baby purple kings making their way up through them. Some more carrots and tomatoes in foreground.

The zucchini have been so slow this year but are finally setting fruit.

Baby beetroot. 

Another view of the pumpkins, corn and beans - looking towards the back corner  
to where the first photo was taken. 

Pumpkins are beginning to set.  

Top - Queensland Blue,
Middle- French Pottimarron,
Bottom - butternut.

Now into the front half of the garden 
under the pipe structure.

In foreground - Potatoes (nearing the end of their growing cycle).
Right - sunflowers
Back - Tomatoes (Grosse Lisse)
Middle- Borlotti bush beans (newish) and that grassy stuff is actually leeks.

A close up of the borlotti beans and leeks.

One of the early tomatoes.  Notice the two with the sunburn on the bottom left? I forgot the shade cloth one hot day.

Those are pear trees in the foreground that I am espaliering.  At the rear, just in front of the shed, is another row of tomatoes - Mortgage busters, and mixed heirloom from Diggers. 

 Left: Another lot of Lazy Housewife beans with new Purple Kings beginning to climb.

 Below:  Peppers (none ready for picking),  eggplant, corn (planted early and should be ready for eating this week) nectarines. Around the corn are more potatoes that have died down.  I am digging these as we need them.

Finally, looking from the front corner diagonally to the rear.

 There are a few things I have missed, but not much - some silverbeet, celery, daikon radishes and a couple of beds of green manure.  

All the paths are mulched now 
and I just love it.


  1. Your vegie garden just looks fantastic! It is so good when you can go out into the garden and harvest your dinner.
    My garden is providing an abundance of ingredients for ratatouille and all those famous zucchini recipes.
    My girls and I made some fabulous chocolate and beetroot muffins from Stephanie Alexanders Garden Cook Book. Caesar

  2. You have so many nice vegetables growing. You will be busy harvesting them in a few week times. Thank you for the tour.

  3. I love having a peep at other people's veggie gardens. Yours looks fantastic. I'm especially interested in how your espaliered pears do. I've just discovered a place to plant some on a wall that is currently a junk-heap and am quite excited.

  4. Your garden looks so productive and beautiful. you should get a good harvest from all that. Hazel I need you to email me your address you have won a give away, along with all the firls that commented on my post. Kind regards Rina

  5. What a beautifully fertile and productive garden. Kudos to you Hazel.

  6. I for one am no way put off by seeing 24 photos of this quality! And I also like the comprehensive tour of the veggie patch. Since most of my garden is empty at present, your post has reminded me what my garden CAN be like (and hopefully will be), in a few months' time. This is why I love corresponding with folks in Australia, where your seasons are the opposite of ours.

  7. Your garden looks fantastic, healthy and you will surely benefit from all this nutritious food to eat. Well done!

  8. I love your nectarine Hazel, I have had my eye on one of those for a while... it seems wonderfully laden with fruit, any tips?

  9. Your plants look really healthy! Job well done, all that hard working is paying off. Its interesting tomatoes can get sunburned; in ireland they'd get wind-burn lol.

  10. I really enjoyed your garden tour! Especially since it is still winter in the US. Thanks for sharing! Your veggies are looking wonderful!

  11. Hazel your garden is beautiful! It's so nice to see so many pics of green (all I see here is WHITE). Did you make those orange supports for your hoop house? I've been trying to figure out how to do it myself so I can get stuff out earlier then normal.


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