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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cool Tip

Hey there is a link on a site called 'Cool Melbourne' where you can cancel the delivery of your phone books.  Isn't that a great environmental saving... the paper, the energy printing and delivering them?

I got the nod from my mates at Australian Bushlife.  As they say it truly only takes about 30 seconds and is one of the coolest environmental ideas they have heard for a while.  I know, I look most things up on the internet now.

There are also links for Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide.

Here's the link for Melbournians: CANCEL MY PHONEBOOKS!

If you don't live in one of these cities, maybe you could search out ways to do the deed or put pressure on the providers to enable it to happen.


  1. This is great. Thank you for the info Hazel.

  2. Thanks Hazel for cancelling your phonebooks and for passing on the good word. Save those forests!
    From Bush Chick - Australian Bush Life.

  3. ...and I was just thinking about chucking out the old ones that are lying around....Cool! Thanks.

  4. Done - thanks Hazel.


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