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I ran away from teaching to the country to grow veggies. There are also some chooks and a pair of troublesome goats who were so much trouble they had to go! My simple green life isn't always as simple or as green as I'd like...but I keep trying!

Friday, February 4, 2011


Ah babies!  Don't we love them?  
All that potential!  Smooth, flawless skin, complete with shriveling umbilicus and baby bonnet.  

Growing up can be tricky and you can sometimes get yourself into scrapes and all sorts of tight situations.  Especially, as in this case, if you are a horny chap.

People may even call you nasty names as they extricate you from the latest disaster caused by your youthful enthusiasm and inability to fathom the consequences of your actions.

Life can fly by so quickly and before you know it,  you may be a nonagenarian.  
Then people may call you, 'The Old Chook'.  
You are allowed the freedom to stay in your dressing gown all day if you want.  
You can even sit in a vegetable garden and feed your lunch to the chicks while one of your daughters weeds the garden. 

If you keep busy you won't have time 
for existential angst.


  1. Another wonderful post, Hazel. I am loving your goats. They can be quite the little troublemakers-finders.

    I figure that we only get one life, so I try not to waste too many minutes of it. Keeping busy keeps you young as you have no time to dwell on how much time is passing you by and how much you wasted by not doing anything with it.

    Enjoy the day!

  2. Life in all it's glory! Thanks for a lovely read :)

    Our goats have been in their paddock now for several months (with no escapes!). Although it suddenly occurred to them the other night that their could be a party up at the house to which they hadn't been invited..the chaos! My strawberries! Ugh! Their antics! I took time out from my cursings and mutterings to watch in amusement as they kicked up their heels and found their 'happy tree'. The one that tastes nicest to them. Funny creatures. :)

  3. I really enjoy your writing and your sense of humor. I look forward to seeing what you have come up with for the day.

    Love the goat!!

  4. Oh Hazel, I am just waiting for the day it is socially acceptable for me to conduct my daily business in my pyjamas.

    Lovely photos, the one of your mum really tugs at the heart strings :)

  5. Hazel, that picture of your mum is just beautiful..outside, fresh air, peace, animals, comfort, and something to occupy the mind....
    My dream ( as we all have them ) as far fetched as it would seem, is to have a place so different to the 'nursing homes' of today...that is like home...with back yard, garden, and animals...that this would be an everyday scene for those who lived much better than the alternative...same chair, same room, same tv, every single day.....
    I cant tell you how much this picture has made me smile

  6. I totally agree with Enchanted Moments but could never have written it that nicely.

  7. A wonderful way to spend your time whatever age. Tell your Mum I'm jealous.

  8. Oh Dear! Enchanted Things you are so right. However, Mum has just been offered a place in a low care aged facility near to her home. She will have her own room off a shared lounge and kitchenette with a door to the outside. She has accepted! She has had a few falls and can no longer manage safely in her own home even with the support of my sister next door.

    On the bright side, it isn't a prison. She has been there for respite and responded well to the stimulation provided and she liked the food. We are looking at it as only a change of address. My sisters and I (and the extended family) will still visit, take her out, ring her up and she can still come and stay here.

  9. It is always exciting to see babies in the garden;-). I always enjoy doing stuff in the garden when mother is in the garden too.

  10. Love the baby tomato photo.
    Mother looks very relaxed in your garden- would never stay in her night attire at home. Caesar

  11. Wonderful photo's....and I really like the gate too!

  12. Gorgeous photos. :)
    I think living with goats must provide a good daily dose of laughter.

  13. What's all this "existential angst" stuff then? No comprendo...
    Love the way that we see such a long lifespan in your one post - things / people at both ends of the lifecycle...
    What does your Mum think of the goats? My mother-in-law is crazy about animals. We took her to an Angora Goat farm for a special treat on her 70th birthay.

  14. Mum loves the animals. Especially the chooks, Mark. She wasn't always so soft though...much more pragmatic when she was younger! I can't see her gutting a chool these days. LOL


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