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Monday, February 7, 2011

Potager - Part 6

Most times, gardening demands compost loads of patience.  Growing things just takes time.  
Perhaps this is why the potager, with its quick growing inhabitants, is so satisfying. 

Check out the development in just three months.

November 5th

November 16th

November 24th

December 29th


Snail's eye view...not that there are many snails left!  Mwha ha ha ha!

In the potager at present:
Sage, oregano, curly parsley, flat leafed parsley, chives, various lettuces, chives, thyme (including the yellow prostrate one in photo) , lavenders, lebanese cucumbers, purple king beans, marjora, beetroot.

In pots nearby: bay tree, lemon grass, dill.


  1. Wow Hazel, your garden looks fantastic! What a transformation.

  2.'s grown heaps!!! I have a problem getting rid of snails...I used to be able to stomp on them, but since watching them with the kids, I just can't do it!!!! I can toss them far, far away though!

  3. That is utterly brilliant Hazel -- such a transformation! Good on you.

  4. Wow! That looks amazing! I love the centre mosaic feature and all the plants are looking so happy. A great use of space so close to the kitchen, let me guess..greens in EVERYTHING?! :)

  5. It's wonderful - everything looks so healthy. Do you have a special trick for vanquishing snails? Beer, baits or boots???

  6. Beautiful transformation. I am curious what are you planning to grow near your arch this coming autumn;-).

  7. The plants looks amazing, so lush and beautiful! It's such a gorgeous little spot now, and useful too. :)

  8. Missy: Snails? - I went out one damp night and stomped on 550 of them...this I know because I counted. I always squish them if I see them...I also use baits. I just lost so many seedlings at the beginning of the season.

    Malay-Kadazan girl: I am considering growing sweet peas over the arch in Winter. What will you be growing over yours?

  9. Looks lovely, tasty and useful!

  10. Your potager looks fantastic Hazel!
    Love the photo of the marigold - you must have a good camera! Caesar

  11. Snails don't like coffee grounds and the coffee doesn't affect your plants adversely.

  12. I Hazel, it is so beautiful that I am depressed. I may never take another photo of my garden again!

    Oh it's so lovely and lush, and wow has it grown, Hazel what are you feeding it!

    Oh I am not even going to be able to go into my yard today. You've ruined it for me. Ruined!

  13. Its just so fresh looking wow i am jealous. What do you feed them other than compost? well done and love that word potager

  14. OH gOSH its beauiful totally love it..I have question..I see you have sage in your garden is it a annual or a perinnal? and at what stage to you ppick it for drying??

  15. Oh Hazel! Your potager garden is divine! The rain and mild weather have really boosted it along!

  16. Isn't gardening satisfying - it's lovely.

  17. Congratulations for receiving Mark's Award! Enjoyed "watching" your potager grow...fascinating! I try to live as frugally as possible in a little apartment, with a little patio in Florida. It wasn't difficult to give up the TV...I'd grown absolutely weary of most of what was on there...HGTV was about the only thing I watched with any consistency! Look forward to visiting your blog in the future!

  18. Hazel, I think you have interpreted the term potager perfectly - a great balance between the edible and the ornamental. Many chefs would just LOVE to have those herbs outside the door of their kitchen! The archway is ideal too - it adds the height that the other bits lack; if it were mine I'd probably grow a Golden Hop on it, or perhaps a fragrant honeysuckle.

  19. The camera appears to be working well.

  20. Thank you for all your lovely comments. I am very happy with the potager.

    Farm Girl: The sage is perrenial...I chose it because it will be one of the constant things in the garden as I change the annuals. I have experimented and dried a little. It worked well, so I am planning on giving it a haircut very soon. Keep tuned, I will blog about it. LOL.

    Mark, You are right, the Cook loves the potager. I was thinking I wanted to add annuals as climbers to the arch..but something permanent like a honeysuckle could work too. I would have to keep it trimmed though. Hops...mmmm..will look into that.

    Jeanette Anne: Apart from the intitial soil preparation, I have not fed this bed. But as Daffodil said, it has been a mild and very moist year here, so that has helped.

    Theanne: Welcome! I was thrilled to receive Mark's award. You are right, Television is rubbish. I love the radio and I use the internet if I need to follow something in the news.

  21. I still have not made up my mind yet but sweet peas will make the arch very pretty.


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