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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Canned Veggies

An early photo.

Some of you who have been reading the blog for a while you may remember a post entitled, 'Can Do'.  

I had been casting about for ideas for garden edges in the veggie patch and I decided to try cans.

I was very skeptical at first and the reflection from the sun hitting them was so strong, it hurt my eyes.

We all agreed they looked pretty awful.

 Over time, the cans have rusted and only the ends of them are visible. 

Now they blend in and are less obvious.

They do a great job of keeping the mulch on the paths and the soil in the beds separate.

Because they are small units, the edges can be made into any shape, curved or straight, long or short.

Just place the can where you want and press it down with your foot, to the level you desire.  

The cans can be easily lifted out if you want to change the shape of a bed.

It is inexpensive and saves the energy of transporting the cans and recycling the steel - or worse, from them ending up in land fill

With three cats and two dogs we have quite a few cans and I am still adding them.  

I would highly recommend this idea to you as something worth doing.
Maybe not in the lovely flower garden or by the garden gate, but in the veggie patch
it works very well.

But there is another reason 
I absolutely love them.  

I always hand water the vegetable garden and as I sprinkle, the water hits the cans.
 They provide a soft musical percussion background that compliments the natural sounds of the birds and the creek and the breeze in the trees.

It's quite lovely!


  1. oh wow Hazel - genius idea. You've just converted me. I'm off to scavange through the recycle bin before it goes today. Brilliant.

  2. Great idea! I like the look of rusty metal in the garden. It creates a quirky, yet soft background for the plants...

  3. I do like a bit of rust , Hazel these look great...

  4. Very interesting idea. I may try this in a few places in the yard.

  5. It's a good idea and love the look of the tins, especially with the rust, but we'd never use enough tins. Missy doesn't eat bought dog food. She's an ultra-spoilt dog and we cook her chicken rice and veges.

  6. What a wonderful idea and they look nice!

  7. How nice to have music while you sprinkle- Lovely

  8. What a fantastic idear i'll be trying that for sure :-) it looks so primmy to i love it!!!

  9. Maybe there's a peripheral benefit too - the rusting tins may add some minerals to the soil!

  10. Initially I thought the idea was awful but I have changed my mind Hazel. The rusted tins are now beautiful and I might try some in my garden! Caesar

  11. Yes I am with Caesar Hazel, I was a little unconvinced at first!

    But they do look good all rusty, and I can see how flexible they would be in creating a path.

    The only thing is, I hardly use tins!

    Oh, and the rust... I was wondering about that... what exactly goes into the soil when things are rusting?

  12. I like this idea ,looks great. I especially like the larger and smaller cans interspersed.

  13. ooh, I love it! I'm definitely going to try this. My beds are forever spilling onto my paths and proper edging is so expensive. The cans look really cute once they're all rusted up!

  14. I really marvel at your ideas...
    as for the water accumulating on top of the cans and making them rusty, did you consider making a hole of two to drain away the water? Just a thought...

    Anyway, you may or may not be pleased, but forgive me for taking the liberty to nominate your blog for an 'award'... please free to reject if it is too troublesome to accept...

  15. Thanks for the positive comments. Lrong...I like the cans rusty. They blend in better. Thank you for nominating me for an award. I am most honoured and gladly accept.

  16. I absolutely LOVE your creativity! I think the rust gives it a great natural rustic look that goes great with the outdoors.


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