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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chookie Lookie and Seymour

Introducing Heckle ... or it could be Jeckle.  We can't tell them apart yet.  
Once their combs and wattles come in we will decide which is which.

Hortense, has turned out to be almost entirely black with a beautiful iridescent, greeny, bluey sheen.  She has one white feather on each wing.

This pic of Hortense, clearly illustrates chickens evolutionary links to their reptilian past.

This is Hortense again...but from the side with the dodgy eye that Henny pecked when she was just one day old.  The eye is a little cloudy and I don't think the eyelid closes completely.  Hortense doesn't seem too bright either.  She is the only chicken who can't find the door to the coop at night.

 This is Emily Blackhead.  She has a sister called Charlotte (yep, after the Brontes) who doesn't have the black feathers on her neck and head.

Ah, Lovely Vera of the very big feet.  She is uniformly ginger all over...very pretty.

The chicks are ..weeks old now and, as you can see, have little combs and wattles beginning to appear.  Most are still very friendly and they have quite a bit of weight to them when you pick them up.  

They are free ranging happily, all over the back yard.  But they stick together and keep themselves separate from Brewster and the old girls.  Mostly, the old hens leave them alone...just giving them a peck if they get too close.  At night they have to run the gauntlet of the big girls, into their refuge at the back of the coop.  They seem to survive this challenge quite well.

I think they will gradually be absorbed into the flock.  
Especially, once they come of age and Brewster likes the look of them.  
Mind you the feathers could fly if he takes too much of a liking to them.  
Jealousy is a cruel mistress.


It is the Seymour Alternative Farming Festival  next weekend. This is a big event where there is lots of information to be had.  It is a bit like an agricultural show but 'alternative'.  

I am hoping to buy some more pullets. I want a couple of Silkies and the Cook wants some Frizzles.  We'll see what is there.  Last year I was able to buy my organic garlic for planting on St Patrick's Day and I hope to do this again.

I will let you know what else we find.  


  1. So sweet and so funny. Love the photos and the introductions to the girls and/or boys.

  2. Nice to meet them all - what a gorgeous lot.

  3. Oh No! I wish I could come to the show and buy some Australorps but I'm going away! Nooooooooooooooooo

    Your Henneys are lovely! Im going to have to loose my bird phobia quick smart!

  4. Ha they are all such characters aren't they?! I do hope you get some silkies at the show we can compare pics. If you do they're sure to be dimmer than Hortense. The more fluff the less brain I reckon.

  5. Aw Hortense looks adorably woeful in that pic, I think she's my favourite (I'm a sucker for the henpecked).

  6. I never knew that chickens were distantly related to reptiles, but your photos show the evidence clearly.


  8. Ooo I do like a good chicken, but above that, I like a good chicken name. Dim though she may be, Hortense sports simply THE most fabulous name around.

  9. That sure is a bunch of cute chickens.

  10. The ladies are going to be gorgeous when they grow up, assuming they are all ladies.

  11. Thank you for all the chookie love. They are all girls...well I hope they are all girls. I bought them as sexed day old chicks. Funny how Hortense pushes everyone's buttons...mine too.

    Now Veggiegobbler, I don't wish to be rude, but your comment about 'more fluff less brain' is a little suss coming from a blonde with big hair. :-)


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