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Friday, February 11, 2011

Feeling Seedy

Brewster and the hens are beginning to moult and the silver birch leaves already have a definite yellow tinge.  My Northern Hemisphere blog friends are talking about seed catalogues and some are even beginning to plant under lights.  

As mild as it has been, the Summer isn't going to last much longer.  
I have ordered some heirloom seeds from a local seed company and have been perusing the Digger's catalogue for treasures.  
However, impatience got the better of me and I bought some 'ordinary' seeds the other day...just to get me started.

Yesterday I planted some in seed trays - there is a list in the sidebar.

I also wanted to show you this little number.  It is a nozzle that fits onto a soft drink bottle.  It cost me less than four dollars from Diggers and is one of the best gadgets/tools I have.

It has a soft flow and you can pour a lot of water onto seeds without washing them out.  


  1. Hazel I have seen those little doohickeys in the Digger's catalogue, on your recommendation I shall now have to purchase one.

    I must admit that I am a bit guilty of the "ordinary" seeds whilst waiting for the good stuff, it doesn't help me that my local IGA sells them for $1 a packet.

    What do you know about growing the turnips? I have got some here and am dying to give them a go, have no idea how they will go here though.

  2. I bought that same packet of purple sprouting brocolli just last week! I must get out and start sowing, every time I go to the shops I pick up "just a few more" packets and they are building a rather impressive mountain.. I think I may have a problem.

  3. I feel obliged to support Diggers and Eden seeds after reading so much about that company that starts with "M".
    Great little gadgets though aren't they Hazel.

  4. The seasons may be different between UK and Australia, but I see we both have Mr.Fothergills seeds, and also those watering gadgets (I have a couple of them too). From your picture, it looks as if you are going to be eating a fair few onions in months to come...

  5. I guess we in Southern hemisphere are planning for autumn planting now. I am thinking to order some seeds from The Lost Seeds for colourful cauliflowers to grow this year other than white. That a cool gadget for watering seeds and seedlings feel like having one too. Do you know which month is suitable to sow red onion seeds?

  6. Hazel I am a bit distracted at the moment and can't plant seeds. Do yo think you will have some seedlings for your favourite sister?

  7. That is a nifty little gadget - I want one!

  8. Dear Hazel, I'm sorry you have problems loading my blog... I'll try to make lighter! ;-) I believe you'll be rather busy with all the seeds you have, good luck with that! I've also been buying flower bulbs and I'll soon have some fava beans to collect from my garden. It's always a pleasure to have news from you, being on the other side of the world. By the way, what kind of climate zone do you have there, because it looks like to ours here (zone 10)?. Best wishes

  9. Your water bottle gadget looks effective. I was interested (like Mark) that you also have Mr Fothergills seeds. Suppose they are world wide? Hope you have better luck with Sweet Pea, mine always gets into a tangled mess.

  10. Hi Hazel, just doing some catching up reading posts as been away for a week.

    I've forgotten till I read your post that summer will be ending soon in your side of the world :) We're barely out from winter here! Mind you sometimes we don't get a decent summer either.

    Seed time here too, but for annuals for the summer display :)

  11. That is a nifty gadget, will have to look that one up. The seed fever is among us here in the states and you have caught it. Fun!


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