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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Trashy Treasure!

'Is it a tradition in your part of the world that you bring something back from the tip/dump/recycling station when your drop something off?  Well in the world of Hazel, it is mandatory!  My skin fairly tingles with anticipation on the way there thinking about the treasures I might find.

 In preparation for the fire season we did some cleaning up and took some branches to the local tip.  (I won't tell you we went three times, with the same load because we didn't read the sign that says it wasn't open till Wednesday.)

The attendant was keeping some mower grass-catchers to one side.
When I asked if he was selling them, he said, 'No Luv, I'm givin em away.'  

So 'Luv', brought these two beauties home.  
The bit of mesh was cut to size and used to reinforce the cement in the
potager mosaic.  Yep, it's from the tip too.

You see when you have chooks, you have to have a private place for them to nest and lay their eggs.

Jenny seems happy with the EGG CATCHER!


  1. And she looks a little disgruntled that you are taking a photo of her whilst laying an egg... Jenny that is, not you.

    The mower catcher is a fabulous idea for the ladies, you are one marvellously resourceful young lass Hazel.

  2. What a wonderful and creative idea. Hazel you really should write a book on creative ways of recycling and save us from those painful ones that keep recycling the same old 'recycling' ideas over and over. Then we could buy yours and use their boring books as mulch.

  3. Fabulous match of the colour to her comb and wattles, clever you Hazel!

  4. Hazel, I have to hand it to you... that was a very clever use for those catchers! No maintenance, waterproof, vented slightly at the top. And oh yeah, portable!

    The use of the wire was a great idea as well. You sure won't regret that decision!

  5. I am wondering if that is why I dont get a good egg run out of my girls, they lay in boxes , but they are open on they really need a lid over them?

  6. Garden Travels I agree with you - I keep on telling Hazel that she should use some of the info from her blog as a book. She is very modest and doesn't realise how resourceful she is!

  7. Every one should know that 'anonymous' is my sister and we have a two person admiration society going.
    Enchanted, I am no expert but everything I read says they need a quiet place. Mine were laying just in a nest they made themselves in a corner. They didn't like the boxes I had. It also took a bit of convincing to get them to use the catchers. i cleaned the coop out and didn't put any straw back except in the catchers and I left an egg in each to give them the idea. Even so, they only seem to like the red one. As Von says, maybe because it's colour coordinated with their combs and wattles.

  8. Just don't attach the catcher to the lawn mower in an absent minded moment, otherwise.....

  9. I think your sister is quite right... you are indeed very resourceful!

  10. Isn't it a shame that so much useful stuff gets thrown away and put into landfill?
    I remember that back in the 1980s, when I was in Germany, they had one day a month on which you could put out on the footpath in front of your house any items you didn't want but which might be useful to someone else. So other people could help themselves to anything they wanted. The next day the dustcart (refuse collector) would come by and remove anything that was left. We should all do this!
    [Does anyone else use Freecycle? We have found it a very convenient and environmentally-friendly way of re-homing redundant stuff of all natures.]

  11. Jenny does look quite content in her new little egg catcher, however, is that a hint of ¨hairy eyeball¨ with a dash of ¨stink eye¨ that she is throwing to the photographer? I have been on the receiving end of that look on more than one occasion when doing the egg rounds!

  12. I am with you on the tingly feeling when going to the recycling/landfill centre. It is very exciting to think what treasures you are about to come home with. Love the catchers as nest boxes.

  13. I love that! Thanks for visiting my blog, I am enjoying reading yours.


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