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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Shared concepts

Introducing a tomato only the grower can love.  

I was going to make a 'humorous' comment about the Elephant Man but then remembered that the 1980 movie was about a real person, Joseph Merrick.  So good taste, and the fact this film, and Born Free, are the only two movies to bring tears to the Cook's eyes, prevented me.  

But I bet you agree this is one ugly tomato!

Then I broke it open and realised that it was in fact conjoined triplets.  
So ugly and an oddity.

And the beauty....

See, we have a shared concept of beauty too!
After all, Juliet said of Romeo, 'A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.'

Shared concepts of ugliness, beauty AND smell.

Hope your day is rosy!


  1. Oh I hope you've submitted that first photo of the rose to garden grab, it's just lovely.

    The Elephant Man made me cry too, but that isn't saying much, I cry at sad ads.

    I bought a new shovel yesterday... wonder how long this one will last under my titan strength.

  2. That is a lovely post Hazel. You have made my day.

    Still trying to fertilize my baby squash. The female flowers never seem to be open no matter what time of day I check tut tut.

  3. Very interesting tomato. What variety was that?

  4. That tomato is very ugly but I bet it tasted so much better than "perfect" supermarket varieties!

  5. That is a truly gross tomato. I suppose we can't all be perfect like your rose.

  6. So Hazel, have you not managed to figure out how to display your blog in Smellyvision to let us experience the perfume of that lovely rose??
    The tomato reminds me of a variety I once grew called Costoluto Fiorentino (Florence Ribbed), which is bred to be wierdly-shaped. I always said that "costoluto" should be translated as "contorted". Actually I think that these days too much emphasis is placed on regularity of shape and good looks in fruit & veg, sometimes at the expense of texture and flavour.

  7. That is one fugly tommie! :)
    The rose is kinda cute too ;)

  8. We grew costoluto fiorentino last year too and grew one that looked like this

  9. that is one ugly tomato and you have grown a craking rose there not a mark on it

  10. There is always one rebel tomato that refuses to conform to supermarket standards in an effort to avoid the kitchen knife. Those nonconformists usually have the best flavour.

  11. Beautiful photos! I had a zucchini like your ugly tomato, two flowers had grown together, it looked rather strange but still tasted delicious. :)

  12. What a creative way to play with emotions! Yes, that is a very ugly tomato but how cool it was actually 3 in 1. The rose is so perfect I can almost smell it! =)


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