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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tong therapy

Ah!  After days of torrential rain the sun came did Hazel!
I weeded the potager and the air and the soil were warm and damp.  The weeds pulled easily, and as I worked I brushed the various herbs and was surrounded by their aromas.  

Aroma therrapy!

Oh, and you read correctly, that is T-O-N-G, not thong, or thongs!
Well what do you call half a pair of tongs that are broken?

The tong, or half a tongs, makes a fantastic hand tool.  You can stab and twist to cultivate.  It is sharp and sturdy, and you can use it spoonwise, or turn it knifewise so it fits into tight spots.  
I am going to improve it by winding on some electrical tape to make it more hand-friendly.

I highly recommend this little bit of repurposing
for when your thong tong snaps.


  1. Great idea - looks very useful! And the tape will improve it - maybe even a little foam under the tape?

  2. Brilliant. What a good idea and cost saver. Posts like these are a great reason to keep blogging. Also I am very interested in your chicken posts as mine are so so naughty I am pulling my hair out. I think it is time to introduce a rooster!

  3. Hi Amber. What do you mean the chickens are naughty? Are they mean to each other or won't they do as you tell them?

  4. What a great idea! The simple things are often the most useful.

    It reminds me of some of the gardening tips and tricks that Peter Cundall use to show on Gardening Australia.

  5. Hazel, are you entering that tong in our test of strenghts competition?

  6. Ali, she cant , its already broken!
    Your day pottering around with your tong sounds lovely....
    As for thongs...rubber ones around this joint definately...!! But I find wearing two is better than one...especially on the prickles...

  7. Now that is real recycling. But they last for years, mine must be 20yrs old at least. Maybe if I buy some new ones from a $2 shop they will break in a week and I will have 1 and a spare.

  8. An "Arfatong" what a great idea!

  9. I did wonder how cosy it would be to use when I started reading.

  10. Very interesting indeed, this recycling idea of yours!

  11. Hazel, the breadth of subject matter covered in your blog never ceases to amaze me! I learn something new from you every day.

  12. Great idea. I think that I have some old and worn out tongs around ready to go into their second life.


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