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Monday, January 17, 2011

Leaving home

On a recent post about the chickens, Rose, noted they are, 'crazy gangly teenagers now'.  Von, wondered if we were ready for them to begin dating and staying out all night.  Just to show that I do read your comments and, what's more take heed, I have organised for the chicks to move into a shared house.  

There are even some tutors next door to help them with their chook studies. 

This is the house - typical student digs.  The wire bit on the left of the picture is a small backyard.   
The helpful goats from next door trimmed back the the bottom of that climbing rose to let more light in.  They are very thoughtful like that. 

On closer inspection you can see the landlord has temporarily installed a gate across the corner so that the new tenants can have inside accommodation or choose to sit in their yard.  It's a bit rough but you know what student accommodation can be like.  They tried it out 2day but came home 2nite.

Here is a gate's eye view of the teenagers and one of the other tenants.  Obviously the OF aren't that interested in the upstarts who have moved in with them.  But I think their nonchalance is 2G2BT don't you agree?  

I am using some of the modern text lingo to bridge the generation gap with my chicks.

Even Brewster was CAAC.  But can't you just see him in a few weeks when those babes 'come of age'?  He will be thinking 'phat' and and texting RUUP4IT?  PCM peeps.  WWNN!  The young girls will probably text LOMBARD to each other.  They have been too nicely brought up to say, A3 to the first rooster who comes along.

Henny, the killer and maimer of chickens couldn't care less, apparently.  She is probably thinking, 'BTDT!'

Heather went outside and squawked, LMAO!

In fact ROFL became a bit of a group effort with Jenny and Penny joining Heather. Jenny was BHGL!  Between you and I, I think I heard Penny whisper, PIMPL.  The truth is they weren't only ROFLing but taking advantage of the PTH.

Now some of you OF may have NFI what this is about so I have included a link so you decode if you want. 
I hope you don't RAEBNC.  :-)


  1. OMG I feel old! I can't understand most of your teen talk!
    Hilarious post Hazel.

  2. Oh goodness, I have a mobile phone that I dont know how to turn on! So I didnt understand any of your post...!!!!!!
    Well done to you, to know how to write all that...

  3. That is so fabulous!!
    I cant wait to have chickens!

  4. Gr8 one Hazel. Some I knew some I figured out but yes OF did need some help. Cant wait for my kids to get out of bed so I can see if they can read it all.

  5. LOL, W2G & ONU!!
    Love that bull, he's rather like the big fella at our local dairy named Master.Now in retirement, his friend and colleague has taken over the duties.He still loves his girls though and they talk daily.

  6. Great piece of chook therapy. I LMAO'd.

  7. Coz I am not OF I ROFLMAO @ ur phat post.

  8. Oh Hazel you are the highlight of my day! I'm not even smart enough to decode it from "Translation"
    I do like the new accommodation, hope your chicks were warm enough!

  9. I like the way you paralleled them with how human 'youngsters' behave and the modern lingo :)

    Thoroughly enjoyed this post and made me smile!

  10. Just had your message decoded for me and I laughed and laughed! Very clever.
    Are there really 1000 hills in that valley of yours?

  11. LMAO That was extremely entertaining!! Nice to know you can get down to their level ;)

  12. Hazel; where on earth did you learn that stuff?? Have you been on a text-language training course?
    I have enough trouble with predictive text...
    Anyway, I expect that the little chooks are behaving themselves like any teenager would when given a bit of free rein, aren't they?

  13. Mark, Hazel in her former life was a school teacher! Explains everything!


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