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Friday, January 21, 2011

Money Pumps

This house has tank water for our use and creek water for the garden.  
That means two pumps to make it all work.
The creek pump was partially flooded when the creek came up.  I left it for a couple of days before I tried it and it worked...the first time.  The second time it burnt out apparently.   
Brian the pump man says they do that when they are damp.  Ooops!

Brian diagnosing the creek pump.

Brian installed a pump on loan.  It is a gutless wonder and can't work the sprinklers, but at least the vegetable garden got a drink.

The house pump has been causing water hammer through the house when it was turned on and the water pulsed out instead of coming in a steady stream.  Not nice when you are having a shower.  
Now I am a novice pump owner and I thought this was normal...but after a conversation 
with neighbours I discovered it wasn't.  
So while he was here I got Brian to look at this one too.  It had bladder problems and needed a new cylinder.

Now let me see:

  • Repairs to the creek pump...or a new one, 
  • Replacement cylinder for house pump
  • Tradesman's time
  • Travel (that's the killer out here)
I think that will add up to....Ouch!

I am hoping Bubba was looking very closely so if there are any problems in the future she will be able to deal with them.


  1. Sounds like you need to establish the same sort of relationship with Brian as Ali did with Bob... "For services rendered" and all that. :)

  2. Never mind Hazel, think of all that lovely water flowing smoothly to home and garden. But I understand the ouch.

  3. Goats are very clever, so why not have an apprentice pump mechanic living at your house.....

  4. Mark, Mark, Mark, what an insinuation. My relationship with Bob is pure and on a spiritual level.

    Actually we just rang Bob to do some more work (and I've got more garden beds for him) and he's had a heart attack and in hospital!

    And no, I didn't ask him if he would still do the work :p

    Hazel just batt your gorgeous lashes at Bob and offer him some jam and tea... and if that fails, set the goats on him.

  5. Is that a nice wide stream I see behind the man working on the pump? How fortunate you are to have that!

  6. I wish we have sprinkler here not possible. I just have to use the watering can everyday. The water gushing out from the sprinkler makes me feel so refresh from the summer heat year.

  7. Love ya Black Stump Hazel!

  8. I rushed to read this post thinking you had found a way of pumping out money!

  9. I find it refreshing to see new photos at the top of your blog...


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