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Sunday, January 9, 2011

I spy with my little eye....

...something beginning with C.

The chickies are over three weeks old now and the Cook has been taking them on outings into the vegetable garden.  They love hiding among the pumpkins.

I made a discovery today.  If I make a sound like a crow, "Cark, cark!" the chicks freeze and stand stock still (for ages) so that the 'crow' won't see them and so I can take photos easily. When Brewster crows, they jump but look around and do not freeze.  I suppose their brains aren't very big but their instincts are huge!

In a two or three weeks they will be moving out of the en-suite, which is the only safe, out of the way of the cats' place in the house, to the big wide outdoors. 

 Now Von, AKA Chook Lady, and any other chicken fanciers out do I introduce them to Brewster and the old girls?    Could I partition off a bit of the existing chook house so they can see each other?  If so, how long before they become part of the flock? Or should I immediately set about building them another abode until they are much bigger?


  1. MMM, good question I have lost two chooks in two weeks, and have one girl left...we will get some chicks I would love to know how to get them in and safe from Flo, who was the head peck and a bit of a &^%$#..........

  2. I'm getting broody again Hazel, you can't keep doing this to me!My young'un is starting to get wobbly wattles, looking very male-ish now!
    I'd give them a safe enclosure until they're big enough to hold their own with the flock.That will take quite a time as they'll be bottom of the heap, last in the pecking order.Fun aren't they?

  3. I'd partition off the existing chook enclosure, as you suggested. They can see each other and get used to each other, but are safe.

    I'd leave them in there for a few weeks, and then let them out under supervision. At the first sign of trouble, I'd herd them into their enclosure again.

  4. I wish I could help but I seem to not be succedding very well with my little ones at the moment. They are refusing to go home at night and have taken to perchin VERY high in the oak tree. So naughty. Your newy is justso sweet! Good luck.

  5. Aww! What a cute little... offspring!

    I hope they eat their weight in bugs while they're under those leaves.

  6. That is one terrific photo! I would love to see you in the vegie garden going "cark!' and the chicks standing still.

  7. Hazel, did you know that there's a video function just next to the image function on your blog?

    Because I think I am speaking for all of us when I say I'd really like to see you in full crow crawing action.

  8. Dear Ali, Two days ago you wanted me to stick my head in the compost, now you want me to make a video of my crow call. I can't wait to see what you suggest next.
    Thank you to those who actually offered advice. Clearly, I have to keep them separate for some time. The chook shed is quite large and has an attached outdoor section. Because the current chooks free range during the day, they don't use the annex. So I am going to partition off some of the shed with access to the anexe and put the babies in there.

  9. Oh, and for those Australian readers of a 'certain age' you will remember that it was crow calls that had The King, Graham Kennedy, thrown off the TV! So no videos!

  10. Hi Hazel,
    the duckling's sooo cuteee..adorable!

  11. Keeping your dear little chicks separate sounds like good advice to me Hazel. How could you trust Brewster Bully and Henny Penny who has proven that she certainly doesn't like chicks!
    No videos please it would ruin the mystery.

  12. Sorry Hazel, this is one area in which I have zero expertise, so I'm not even going to try to offer any advice...(It seems as if you are getting plenty of that already!)

  13. That trick of sounding like a crow certainlt paid of with some fantastic photos. All the best for keeping them safe, from cats and other chooks.

  14. C for Courgette? :)

    Couldn't help with the chicken question but your little chick is a cutie! :)


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