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Saturday, January 8, 2011

The cleverness of strawberries

Have you ever noticed how strawberry flowers stretch up way above the foliage?

The pollinators find the flowers and get to work.

Did you notice the raggy butterfly at the top right corner?

As the fruit develops, its weight makes the stalk begin to bend.  The last flowers on the stalk still stick up above the leaves...just. 

Once all the flowers are pollinated and the fruit is forming, the entire stalk disappears below the foliage where the birds can't see it.  

They think the gardener can't see them either.

That is why we must ferret among the leaves to check if their are any ripe ones.   

Something that worked

Way back in April I blogged about planting these strawberries.  As mulch I used an old woolen blanket, cutting a cross where I wanted to plant. The straw in the photo blew away.  However, the blanket is still there but lost under the strawberries. 

I would definitely do this again. The blanket has kept the weeds down and I have only had to pull one or two that grew through the holes, right next to strawberries.  The blanket allows both water and air through to the soil below and the plants have flourished.


  1. Not to mention kept them lovely and warm I suspect..,!

  2. Nice crop! Strawberries are one of the few fruits with the seeds on the outside!

  3. Hey they look great. I remember you complaining about them a little while ago, I am glad they have come good :p

    So does that mean strawberry jam?

  4. The trouble is that squirrels know about the cunningness of strawberries, and use their own superior cunningness to rob the Gardener of the just rewards of his/her labour! I suspect this is why raspberries evolved to have spiny stems (to prevent the furry predators climbing up).

  5. I didn't realise my strawberries were so clever, I won't take them for granted anymore.
    Mark, I have my strawberries netted to keep the possums, parrots and bats away but the mice are so clever and manage to squeeze through!

  6. Your strawberries look good. Mine mostly end up teeny. They taste delicious but are always very small. I wonder what I'm doing wrong? Any suggestions?

  7. Have you tried growing alpine strawberries their season is really long lasting. They are also referred to as fraises du bois or wild strawberries.

    Maybe these are what you are growing veggiegobbler but strawberries are different sizes depending on variety.

  8. Veggiegobbler, I don't even know what sort of Strawberries these are. I am a bit ashamed to say I saw them outside a $2 shop in Yea and bought all he had. They were cheap. I made sure the bed was full of good compost when I planted them and I have given them liquid feeds (but only two). I am sure it is the variety that makes a difference.


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