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Sunday, November 21, 2010

His future

It was Grandparents' Day at my second grandson's Kinder.  This grandson is a tiny, clever, serious almost 4 year old.  There were so many activities and I think, he set about showcasing as many as he could in the time available.  He didn't say much but brought each activity to the table, did the demonstration, packed it carefully away and got another.  I hope you enjoy these pics as much as I do. 

I love those busy little hands!

Will he become a mechanic or a carpenter?

A jeweler or a surgeon?

A scientist?

Maybe he will excel at Chinese cooking or become a waiter in a Chinese restaurant.

Clearly becoming a master chef isn't out of the question.

What about engineering or another profession that needs excellent calibration skills?

He can count really well.  A mathematician?  

Or a naturalist, ecologist, zoologist, botanist, or some other 'ist'?

A cleaner - or at least someone with a very tidy house!

Ah, maybe a chemist?

He is putting drops of detergent into
water and mixing to make suds.

Most things in life require good language skills.

It truly is a puzzle.

A puzzle that is magnified with each new possibility.
Perhaps the work he ends up doing isn't even invented yet.

The world is his oyster.

Let's all strive to keep the oyster fresh for him 
and all the other little pearls.


  1. You bet! If he grows up to be a good man that will be enough.

  2. A great post...

    The world certainly is his oyster and he will be what he wants to be, the choice will be all his.

    Being a good human above all else will itself bring rewards.

    Have a lovely Sunday,


  3. We will do whatever it takes to help him be whatever he wants to be....:)

  4. Maybe he will be a garden-designer or a Head Gardener...
    Watching grandchildren grow up is probably more fun than watching your own children -- you can be a bit more "detatched" can't you?

  5. What a busy morning! Fantastic photos Hazel of a dear little boys busy hands. It will be fascinating to follow his interests and growth!


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