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Monday, November 22, 2010

A busy day and a grand opening

Found in the wood shed today:  One mummified dead cat (not ours), a huntsman spider with an egg sac, huge worms and lots of bugs.

The chooks offered to help with the worms and bugs.

Claude didn't do much except for adopting a supervisory air.

This is what the shed looked like, cleaned out and without any sides.

This is what it looked like after a fair bit of work...including some 'bush carpentry' of my own.

This is the view from the door end down to the other.  There is still a bit of tin to be fixed on at the end.

This is looking back the other way towards the door.

  • No Mark, it isn't a mushroom growing shed (though I liked that idea), 
  • a potting shed, 
  • an aviary or 
  • a tool shed.
  • Anonymous, I didn't think 'Granny Flat' was a very kind suggestion!...I know who you are and I will tell your mother if you don't behave.
  • It isn't an alpaca bed and breakfast either...they spit!
  • Ali, can you guess yet?

The Governor of Victoria, Professor David de Kretser,  knows exactly what it is and he called in today to open the facility.

As a representative of the Queen in Australia he doesn't have a number plate on his car...just a crown.

Here he is giving a little speech telling us what a great facility it is.

 And this is him, cutting the blue ribbon to officially open it.  Note the tacky plastic scissors!

Anyone who correctly guesses what the new facility will be used for, will win a free two night stay, in the shed, twin share


  1. Goat home
    Boat house
    Japanese bath house (rustic)

    Hopefully I won't win.

    Plus my invitation to the opening must have got lost in the post.

  2. A milking shed for a goat??
    If I win, I dont' want to stay lovely as it looks.

  3. Okay, I think the milking shed is wrong... why would you have a famous goverment person opening a milking shed? I withdraw my first guess and say it is an education facility of some sort .
    I still don't want to stay in it though if this is the right answer what with the dead cat you found and all.

  4. From reading the half visible sign behind Governor's head, would it be a massage palour??

  5. Claude I'd say reading his expression as a total stranger, may be just a tiny bit concerned about the mummified cat.
    What a wonderful help chooks are in this situation, they are so business like and show their true colours.
    The carpentry efforts are excellent and in total keeping with the over-all ambience.Well done!
    Being broadly 'in the know' I'll forgo my guess as it might not be fair.Nice bit of thinking ahead, unless of course it is the new garage for the ATV you're about to purchase.

  6. Ooh...Christmas is on its way...maybe its a re-enactment of a nativity scene!!!

  7. I want it to be a pole dancing studio Hazel.

    Is it a community space?

  8. While I was out and about I saw a crocheted nativity scene - ideal for your new stable.

  9. Definitely a goat the wrong thing at Hazels and you will be in the goat house instead of the dog house!!

  10. Ha! I've sussed it... you're going to acquire a sit-on (tractor -style) lawn-mower, and this is its garage.


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