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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Potager - Part 2

Looking from the front garden to the back yard, through the gate and the
undercover area.
It isn't fair!  I spent a lot of today clearing away the paving stones to clear the way for the potager and it doesn't look like I did much at all.

Anyhow that pipe in the middle is in the middle...of the potager which has a diameter of 4.2 metres.

I am thinking there will be three garden beds.  The green strings you can just see are the centre of the three paths.

The design has to take into account that this is a main pathway from the back of the block to the front.  I need to be able to bring the wheelbarrow through.  The break in the hedge at the  right also dictates where one path must go.  It just wouldn't make sense to have more beds.  However (isn't there always a but, or however?) my friend's mother has generously offered me a metal arbor thingy she hasn't used. I am hoping it has three 'legs' so it will suit my current design, but if it has four I will have to rethink.

Looking from the back the other way.
The photo below is taken from under a large shady tree looking back through that break in the hedge.  I plan to put a table and chairs under this tree so that the path can have somewhere to go. (And I can have somewhere to sit...of course).  I will also be leaving some insect repellent on the table because mozzies love it under this tree for some reason.

Those little windows are the kitchen which will have a great view over the potager,
providing inspiration for the cook. Not that the cook here needs a lot of inspiration, but having
the herbs so close to the kitchen means I get to miss out on one of my chores! "Will you
please get me some thyme/parsley/dill....?"

This photo shows that there is a path behind the potager as well.  This path does
not go through to the back yard though, so I still need to have a generous
path via the potager.

And to prove I did do some work here are the over 200 pavers I cleaned and moved today.  There is also a small stack of half pavers and an array of triangles and other cut shapes.

I will be using these for paths and garden edges.


  1. The proof is in the pudding ... that stack of pavers is definite proof you've been working hard.

    I like the idea for your potager ... I think the pathways will look great and you'll be able to walk through to that quiet little nook under that shady tree.

    Maybe planting some of that Pelargonium citrosum 'Vanieeni' known as the Mosquito Plant will help repel some of the mozzies.

  2. Yes, I agree with Bernie. The stack of paving-stones tells its own tale. Those things are surprisingly heavy. I remember buying some from the DIY store a few years ago and being very surprised how "down at the stern" my car was once loaded up! Never mind, I'm sure the end result will eventually justify your efforts.

  3. This is beautiful Hazel, but what about the shed? I can't get past wanting to know.

  4. there is always a point where you have done lots of work but it dose not look like you have the paving stone pile speaks for it's self


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