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Monday, October 25, 2010

A seedy day

It is finally warm enough to plant seeds directly into the soil.  Yay!

I have planted some mixed heirloom carrots which promise to grow white, yellow, orange and purple carrots as well as two types of plain old modern orange carrots.  I planted a lot because carrots can stay in the ground till you need them so I won't be stuck with a glut.  I also planted some beet root seeds but not so many.  I will do successive plantings of these.

I have put these root crops in the bed that previously grew brassicas (cauliflowers, broccoli and cabbages).  Root crops are light feeders and a good follow up to the green leafy crops which are heavy feeders.  I didn't add any compost or fertilizer as this will only produce green leafy growth and I want roots.

The cabbage, peas and beans I planted a month ago in seed raising mix were also transplanted today.

There are some nastursium seeds snuggling down ready to be companions with the apple trees.  Apparently they ward off beasties.

The chooks were pacing up and down the fence and wondering why they couldn't come and play with me in  the vegetable garden any more.  I felt mean!

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