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Sunday, October 31, 2010

My favourite tool

This is an unpaid promotion for a Fiskars weeding tool.  It is fantastic and so easy to use.  It is ideal for removing those nasty flat weeds with long tap roots from the lawn, such as dandelions.  I easily pulled up a blackberry seedling and some cape weed with it.  I have also tried it on paspalum and it copes quite well so long as the plant isn't too large.  It is useful for small dock plants (the bane of my life) but not with older, more established plants.

It has four metal prongs on the bottom which you position over the centre of the weed.

Then you use your foot to press the prongs into the ground.

Pulling back on the handle, which acts as a lever with the footrest as a fulcrum, causes the prongs to close over the weed and it comes out of the ground.  This takes very little effort.

The weed is held in the prongs until you slide the yellow handle (half way down the shaft) down and it pushes the weed off the prongs.  This is good if you want to put them in a barrow or bucket to dispose of.

No bending is required and the tool is lightweight.  A winner all round...except if you are a weed.

Thank you to my daughter for giving this to me as a Christmas present last year.  I love it!


  1. The tool seems to be so easy and comfortable that I can weed with it with standing upright.

    Crouching down while weeding is so tiring to me. I hope I can find the tool at my local Home-Depo shop.

  2. I am liking this serious looking tool but where do I get hold of one in the UK?

  3. I agree! I hope that they sell it nearby here in the US. Weeding with this hot summer and with the abundance of weeds in the garden just became too much at times.


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