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Friday, September 3, 2010

On the toilet...

There was a bull ant on the toilet seat,
When I was there last night.
I didn't see it in the dark,
But boy I felt its bite...etc. etc.
Not really, this is the seat of the old toilet we have removed.  It is sitting outside waiting for me to decide what to do with it.  I am thinking about recycling it as a pot for something in the veggie garden.  Not often do you get a big pot with such good drainage. 

Also on the topic of toilets and recycling you may be aware we have cats (3).  Now I know that isn't very environmentally friendly however they provide us with a lot of joy and entertainment and we are managing them carefully.  They do not go out at night or at dawn or dusk.  During the day they go out for a walk and toilet breaks...but they are such wussy pussies they choose to spend most of the day inside anyway.  

This arrangement means we have to have litter trays about.  This becomes expensive both financially and in regard to resources and packaging.  We heard the clay based litter can be washed and have tried it.  Obviously the lumpy bits get removed and then the litter is rinsed a number of times and spread out to dry.  In this photo you can see we have used an old fly screen.  This seems to work well, the litter doesn't smell and it dries quickly.  I will set up a more permanent litter cleaning station now that isn't on the back porch.


  1. Yuk! Now I know why I don't haver cats.

  2. Hazel I think Strawberries would be great in the old loo, they could hang down the sides nicely!


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