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Monday, December 10, 2012



Day One:  Deck gone, 

and concrete jack-hammered into a pile!

I can re-use the wood, but the concrete is a bit of a puzzle.

It is all odd thicknesses, and so not good for crazy paving.
An earlier inhabitant of the house dumped some in the creek to make a bit of a dam.  The creek is very shallow and wide as it goes past this property.  The depth, or lack there of, makes placing the foot valve for the creek pump difficult.  Some extra depth would be useful.  Mmmm! Effective, but not very asthetic.  

Any ideas?

By the way, any ideas you have that involve me smashing the concrete with a sledge hammer...well, just don't suggest it!


  1. Base or a hardcore for a patio/raised bed somewhere else?

  2. i like your idea for the creek and maybe you could get some nice bigger river stones for the top part hiding the concrete ugliness lower in the a good reno can not wait to see how it all comes along


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