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Monday, December 3, 2012

Another path to choose

I have been working on the garden next to the new path,
and have created a link between it and the circle around the silver birch.
I was leaning towards wooly thyme as the lawn substitute in the circle.  I like the greyness of it, but maybe it is a bit shady in there. 
An internet search provided quite a list including, pennyroyal*, chamomile, native violet*, and kidney weed*.  *good in shade.
 You have to imagine the garden planted with shrubs.  You will only be able to see the edge of the bench from this spot.  Likewise below, in that space to the right of the pots will be a shrub.  All very secretive.


  1. This looks beautiful! Nice work!

  2. It is looking beautiful. Just a quick word about chamomile - it spreads - a lot - all over - even where you don't want it.....
    from one who knows


  3. pennyroyal would be lovely with daffodils or tulips or both coming up thru it in spring have such lovely establish grounds

  4. I love a secret garden, I quite like the book too.... :)

  5. this will look gorgeous when finished, dichondra is nice but can get a bit weedy!

  6. Looking forward to seeing what you make of that space. So much potential!


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