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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Old, grey and crazy

No, not me!  Well...maybe.
But I am really talking about a new garden.

I decided to use the old concrete for crazy paving,
in the circle around the silver birch with a grey plants.

It is called the Ednas' garden in honour of The Cook's mother, and mine...both named Edna. 

The garden between the path and the new area has guava and midyiam berries (I haven't heard of them, but Diggers were selling them).  These will create a hedge and a visual barrier between the two spaces.
Around the outer edge of the circle is a planting of various grey plants: lavenders, curry plants, artemis, daisies and others whose names I have already forgotten!

This is the path in.  I replaced the wooden slats with more bits of concrete to keep it uniform.
To the right of the path is a silver buddliea.  I hope it will grow up and droop over the path, creating an well as attracting butterflies.

I am trying to decide whether to go with pale grey stones, or blue metal between the bits of concrete.

Most of the plantings inside the circle are low growing. I love the blue grass against the silver birch.  Both native poa, the really blue one is called, snow grass.

This is called, silver cloud.  It grows into a round bush about 30 - 40 cms tall.

Here is a close up of the buddliea. 

No silver themed garden would be complete without lambs' ears.

 One of the plants forming the outer circle.  I love the foliage.
And this spreading/trailing ground cover is a dicondra.

It all looks a bit, bitsy at the moment but it will mature beautifully
and I know it will become a favourite place to visit, sit, and contemplate.


  1. I think its going to look gorgeous, love that silver cloud!

  2. Gee Hazel you have been working hard. It looks wonderful. HDW

  3. I was wondering what you were going to do with all that concret, but I would never have thought of something so imaginative or beautiful! Inspirational! :-)

  4. Looks good, Hazel - and you have had the forethought to visualise it in a couple of years time, whereas most people want a garden to look finished on Day 1.

  5. You must have muscles on your muscles after moving and laying all that concerete and what a great choice of plants. It's going to look so good for many years to come.

  6. Wow, the crazy paving looks great...fantastic job!

  7. That looks totally fab. You have been busy.

  8. Ooooooh! I love the dichondra! I wonder if I know anyone with some in their garden....... I could pinch a bit...


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