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Friday, December 28, 2012


Have you been well catered for over Christmas?
Did others cater for you or were you the one doing all the catering?

Are you the sort of gardener who caters?
Most of you probably have one of these in the garden.

Some of you will put food out for the birds too, I bet.
Like me you may have bird or mammal boxes to cater for the accommodation needs of our feathered and furred friends. You may have chosen plants to attract birds and butterflies. Lots of you, I know, have flowers in the veggie patch to bring the pollinators.

In your gardening do you ever consider the needs of our other four, six, eight or more legged visitors?  Or even our legless ones?

Butterflies like a shallow watering place with somewhere to land on.  They can slip their proboscus between stones to reach the water.  Other insects and lizards like a low water source too.

The chooks were digging up the plants in the grey garden, so my sister helped me to collect and spread these stones and small rocks.  This micro-pond was formed by digging a hole and lining it with a plastic bag disguised with rocks and gravel.

This one is an old bowl from the kitchen with rocks and stones.
They fill when I put the sprinklers on.

Now I am off to cater for myself, as The Cook is absent.
Mmmm! I think I can feel a smooth, green soup coming up...with a chicken broth as its base.
Don't worry, I will use stock cubes!


  1. That choock looked worried there for a second, whew for stock cubes!

  2. Thanks for your post, as lately I have been looking at this from the other end. My garden is home to too many creatures. I have spent my whole break constructing things to keep out the snakes, with their egg nests, as well as destructive grasshoppers, turkeys and crows.

  3. I'm planning on making a water feature in my garden this coming year. "Micro-pond" sounds like an appropriate name for the sort of thing I have in mind. It might well turn out to be based upon a kitchen bowl like yours...

  4. I was the one catering for the family this year. and yes all the local wildlife know to come here for a free feed and some fresh water. but hey thats just the kind of people we are. I am a wog mama hahaha


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