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Monday, September 10, 2012

Looking for a spark of an idea

The Cook and I have been contemplating taking out the open fire in the lounge, and knocking the chimney down.  It will be replaced with a sliding door with a window on each side.

The chimney doesn't work - even with the expensive directional cowl we had installed and the combustion heater does a good job of heating the house.   The north facing window-door combo will open the house to the outside as well as letting more light and winter warmth into the house.

I want to build something with the chimney bricks that is practical from a cooking point of view.  An open hearth would do well.

Here is a link to a gallery of interesting pictures -
fancy cooking (even jam making) on a campfire.

After all the pioneer women did all their cooking over a hearth.  

I have contemplated a wood fired pizza oven too.  
The down side, as I see it, with a pizza oven is that it takes a while 
to get it warmed up.  

On an open hearth you can quickly boil a kettle with just some kindling as well as cooking over the flames and in the coals....add a good camp oven and it becomes a flexible way to cook.

We already have a gas barbecue...the plan is to build a solid fuel/wood fired cooking source.  Indoors we currently rely on electricity for cooking. 

Over at  Slow living essentials they have been cooking up a storm 
on a chiminea and in their wood-fired oven.

Too fancy, for something simple.

What do you have at your house?
What dreams or ideas do you have for cooking outside?
Do you have any pictures?


  1. Hazel, for some reason I can't see your picturers. So I'm not quite sure what you're contemplating. But a pizza oven would be fab. I have plans for one day.

  2. Yes, it is the same for me. Just that little red cross in the upper left corner. Damn it, I did want to see the pictures you were dreaming of because this summer I would like to so something similar. Will check back later, Cheers Kathryn

  3. We invested in an Esse Ironheart wood oven. We use it for at least six months of the year forr all our cooking and heating purposes. Our electricity bill has been cut by at least half. I love cooking on it and the food tastes great! I am going to be very disappointed when the weather gets too hot to use it but till then it will be find up every day.

  4. i think its a fabulous idea.. I am assumming this will be for outdoor cooking??? Something like any of these


    1. Oh, Mrs Mac, I wrote this post with you in mind...I just knew you would have pictures of what I want. Both of these are good...but a bit to big and grand. I will scale it down, and add a small pizza oven I think.

  5. Wood fire pizza oven sounds fun with some mosaic decoration?


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