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Friday, September 28, 2012

Granny camp #4

I happily hosted the fourth Granny Camp.
The children and grannies had to choose one outfit (with layers) to wear the whole time.  We all slept in the tent and all meals were cooked outside on a makeshift fireplace built by the children. Children were not allowed in the house except for the toilet.  There were few activities planned other than preparing, cooking and eating.

The official lighting of the Granny Camp cooking fire.

Preparing strawberries for jam.

Making fruit salad.

Baked potatoes with toppings, and boiled eggs for dinner.

After some songs around the campfire,
into bed in the tent.

 Cooking damper swaggy-fashion.

Eating damper - anyway you can.

This little chef knows how to make a damper!

Zorro and the girls on clean-up duty.

We played Hiaki (a hide and seek game)

There was the usual visit to the creek with....

a bit of boat making and sailing.

and some mud pies and mud balls made to chuck in the creek.

Apples were prepared for cooking in the coals.

Some people thought the fire would do better with some fanning, but I think they were just fans of fire.

More singing around the fire and toasted marshmallows.

I am blessed with fabulous sisters and fantastical grandchildren and great nieces who all bring their enthusiasm to granny camp each time.


  1. oooh, Granny camp is way cool...lots of 'remember when Granny.....' will be the topic of many conversations in the future...

  2. That looks so much fun Hazel! I have vivid and great memories as a child camping out with cousins and friends and it was such good fun. Looks like you all had a fantastic time!

  3. Did they wash in the creek? Or did they not wash? Looks like heaps of fun as always - such a great way for the kids to spend some of their holidays with their grandparents.

  4. can hardly wait till i get to be the granny at granny camp i got me a ways to go we have to live thru you till then..they all look like they are having fun

  5. Thank you Hazel for being such a wonderful Grandma, Great Aunt, Sister and Granny Camp Organizer. We all had a fantastic time together - we are so lucky.
    This tired grandma is so tired she is off to bed right now! HDW

  6. Those kids will be storing-up a whole load of happy memories!

  7. I love seeing the Granny Camp blog. Thankyou again for hosting a wonderful event! RNL

  8. Looks like everyone had a great time - fantastic memories for the kiddies. I might join you one day!!!

  9. Looks like the kids and grans had a great time. I think we need a Blogging Friends of Granny Camp.

  10. The kids always come home on such a high, bursting with fabulous stories about what fun they had! Can't wait for the next one!

  11. Can I pleeeeeeeeaaaasseeeeee come to granny camp????

  12. Granny camp sounds like a great idea but I will be lucky if my grandchildren aren't grown before I get to see them again :(

  13. What I'd like to know is when do I get to come to camp granny??!!


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