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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Citrus time!

According to 'The Gardening Experts'
citrus shouldn't grow in this wintry
little valley, with its regular frosts.


My first Tahitian Limes.

Meyer lemons galore.

More Meyer lemons on the way.

Even more Meyer lemons on the way!

Oranges!  Well I do have to admit,
these are a bit on the tart side,
but still edible and they make wonderful
flourless orange cakes and marmalade.

And citrus also add a bit of colour
and beauty to the winter garden.

So to all those so called gardening experts,
Go suck a lemon!
But grow your own!


  1. Well said, Hazel! Never say "can't"!

  2. love the view from your window its lovely..i am glad you have shown your citrus it gives me hope..recipe to sweeten citrus is ..into a bucket of water add 1 cup of urine 2 cups of woodash 2 teaspoons epsom salt mix and pour round the drip line

    1. I am going to mix up a batch today! Thanks. By the way, that isn't a view from my is a tearooms about half an hour away. My citrus are planted among other trees, they get a reasonable amount of sun in winter when the decidious trees are bear, are more shaded in summer.

  3. My meyer lemon dropped all its lemons but three when we had our last good rain. They didn't drop right off, they turned black first then dropped off.

  4. Love the header photo. What a great view. I grew up in NZ and even they grow citrus in the cold parts. My parents had a lemon tree that fruited all year round and they lived at the foot of a mountain.

  5. I have been making citrus cordial from the meyer lemons and mandarins I have gown here in Tassy.

  6. Love proving those experts wrong! You go girl!!!

  7. Three citrus marmalade sounds good.

  8. oh i forgot to ask...where i your garden is your citrus..full sun? sheltered? north/south?

  9. Witty last comment, hehe! I think all plants you like are all worth a try at least once, even if experts say they're not suitable.


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