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Monday, July 9, 2012

Boxed accommodation

There was a man
 up a tree in the garden today.

By trade an arborist,
 today he was working in the housing sector. 

The native animal housing sector that is:
bird abodes,
bat beds,
and possum palaces

The local Environmental Work Engine
has 250 nest boxes to install.
These will go a little way to replacing
some of the tree hollows and natural nesting spots
destroyed in the 2009 bush fires.

This is just a sample of the different boxes
designed for the housing needs
of the various mammals and birds.

They come with an information sheet 
about monitoring the boxes,
with instructions on what to do
if non-native squatters move in.
There are even phone numbers 
of people to contact to assist with the eviction
of unwanted tenants such as 
the introduced indian myna bird,
or wasps or bees if 
I am unable to do it myself.

And...even a little book about the birds 
indigenous to this particular little part of the world.  


  1. Ohh yeah, we had a talk form the landcare group abut this project at our Plant Society meeting... Didn't know they had such gorgeous things installing them though...

    love a man in a tree.

  2. sounds good...I see alot of the boxes around our suburbs, for the rosellas...and possums I guess....we have rosellas that nest in the side of our house/vent every year...

  3. What a great idea. There is a lot of good still coming out of the human race after all. Sounds very well thought out and actioned as these schemes are only as good as the organisation of the detail. Look forward to hearing of future adventures and updates as tenants move in.

  4. That's :)

  5. I hope you have a kookaburra box or two! HDW

  6. Glad to see you back posting Hazel. My hubby is an aborist and has done a bit of this type of work too. You will have some very thankful birds and animals at your place.

  7. Maybe you will become another bird whisperer.

  8. That's a great initiative Hazel, it will give the birds the help they need to re-establish.

  9. I presume these boxes are provided free of charge, are they? I'd quite fancy having one of them myself, if I wasn't so far away.

  10. What a great project. I like that they also provide information too so that they get the right tennants.

  11. That's a great idea. There was so much damage from those fires, good to see the animals being helped. Look forward to hearing the updates.

  12. awesome project, it takes so long for a tree hollow to form.


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