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I ran away from teaching to the country to grow veggies. There are also some chooks and a pair of troublesome goats who were so much trouble they had to go! My simple green life isn't always as simple or as green as I'd like...but I keep trying!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

My mighty melon

Check out my 
mighty melon!

It was so ripe, it had just started to split.


Yeah, baby...

mighty sweet!

When I describe it as 'mighty',
I am referring to its 
mighty fine flavour.

And it sure was, 
mighty juicy.

But, unfortunately, in the size department

it was more






  1. Looks like the ones I grew last year and they were sweet.

  2. It grew and it ripened, who cares for anything else?

  3. Never thought Id see that day that you'd be showing off your melons!

  4. Nevermind the size, I bet it tasted superb indeed, it's homegrown! :)

  5. Great that you grew one, my melon seeds germinated grew a couple of true leaves then sat in the dirt for a while before deciding they clearly didn't like my garden and promptly died.

  6. "There was a young woman from Devizes, who grew melons of two different sizes. One was small and no good at all, but the other was big and won prizes." (Anon, Circa 1960)

  7. Gee, I've not had sweet melon in a donkey's age, but I can almost smell the goodness of yours radiating through my computer screen! Mmmh...yum!

  8. I still have melon envy. I ended up with three vines growing this year - healthy leaves, lots of flowers, but not a melon between them so far. Your mighty melon looks beautiful.

  9. Another thing I have contemplated growing. Oh I wouldn't care at all about the size. Maybe this year I should give up on pumpkin and try a melon. Although sounds like they might be tricky.

  10. Haha...that's awesome! Despite the size, it looks like it tasted wonderful! I've never gotten a melon of any sort to grow in our yard, so I'm jealous no matter the size :-)


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