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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Eureka! Gold

Well, eventually it did stop raining. We had 104 mm in less than 24 hours!  (That's a little over 4 inches)  So, I did go out, and dig those, Toolangi Gold potatoes.

They were mostly of a good useable size,
and some of them made my 'pride-meter' really ring!

I could hardly carry the basket, it was so heavy.  My dad always said that potatoes were a good 'first crop' in any patch of garden.  These particular ones were planted in a 'no-dig' garden.  I put down newspaper, with some compost, manure and some pea straw layered on top.  I added straw as they grew, instead of mounding soil around them.

I don't enjoy digging,
but this was more like 
a treasure hunt!
And now I have a lovely bed 
with lots of organic material already mixed in.  
I am just going to add some manure, 
a handful of blood and bone, 
and plant some autumn crops.


  1. Those spuds looks yummy already! Nice haul!

  2. Wow, spuds galore...well done Hazel....

  3. Well done hazel! Did you contain them in a tyre or something else? I like no dig.

  4. Harvesting potatoes is very satisfying (usually). The best thing is that you don't know in advance what the haul is going to be. The excitement of digging around in the soil/compost to see what there is...

  5. Have you done well or what! Mmm, I'm thinking potatoes in the oven and then corn, bacon and some Bulla lite sour cream.

  6. Now I have unscabby potato envy! Those gems look fabulous.

  7. there are a lot of things in the garden that honestly don't taste that much different from store bought veges but the few that are outstanding fresh from the garden are ,tomatos,carrots and spuds you just cannot compare them to store bought.. we got 26mm which is wonderful and despartly needed apprently we might get another 20mm tonight

  8. Very nice spuds. I'm with your Dad when it comes to growing potatoes. I like the no dig/layered method, then when you harvest the potatoes you're digging through the bed at the same time. It's not being lazy. It's work minimisation.

  9. Nice crop you got. I'm going to try your method now. Much easier..


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