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Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Bill

 The electricity bill came on Friday.
I wasn't happy to see this amount staring me in the face:

Last quarter's bill was only $81.49 and that was
a late winter-early spring bill.
Mind you that was with the solar panels connected
but without the new meter to measure
how much electricity they generated.
Therefore, we paid for what we used off the grid, 
but weren't reimbursed for what we fed back.

So taking this into account, 
the new bill seemed ridiculously excessive.

Ah, but then I spotted those lovely little letters - cr
next to the amount.
That's a credit!
It is how much they owe us,
not the other way around.

Not bad eh?
Gotta love solar power.


  1. Yay!

    We've had panels for over a year and we've only just managed to figure out we should be doing everything in our off peak hrs! We've certainly never had a credit.

  2. I'm embarrassed to admit that I rang Vodafone after I had finished with them a month earlier because I had received a bill for $166.00. Very strange as I knew I was up to date and didn't owe anything. I was berating the man on the phone for their failure to get things right, when he calmly informed me that it wasn't a bill but a credit! Oops!! Me, feeling relieved but embarrassed then sorted out how they were going to get the money back to me.

  3. That is fantastic Hazel- a credit. Does the electricity company actually pay you this amount or is it used only to offset any electricity account you may receive?
    Love the pepper photos - I think you have polished them though!

  4. How exciting and really inspiring Hazel. I'm interested to know if they pay you too or do they just keep it in credit for future usage?

  5. Very nice. I am pretty happy when my bill is only the amount you mentioned. I have never seen a credit.

  6. What a wonderful surprise! Gotta love the PV!

  7. Fantastic Hazel! Must say I'm tempted having solar panels installed on our roof as well...

  8. I was happy with our $12 credit! Yours is fantastic!!!

  9. We will get a cheque...but I am not sure when. I will have to check. The credit is high because we don't use much electricity anyway and we put more panels on the roof than we really needed to cover our usage. Nice!

  10. At that rate they will pay for themselves. That's great.

    Did you grow your capsicums in the greenhouse? They look like beauties. I can never get them to grow so well.

  11. gotta love solar power, we only have panels on the house but we generate enough power not only for the house but the hugh workshop on our property that we run a very busy mechanical repairs from. BRILLIANT!!!!!


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