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Sunday, January 8, 2012

More Chook Maths

You can probably tell by the knowing look in Hortense's eye
that  she has hatched her little chicks.

So, to the maths:
21 chooks + 7 new chicks = 28
28 - 4 Araucana roosters that went to the farm = 24
24 - Zorro* = 23

*Zorro - the araucana rooster that is going to live with Phoebe at Ballynoe Cottage

The boys weren't too excited about going to the farm.

Here are Jenny's chicks, there are 4 of them.
They are 8 weeks old and independent now.

I am loving this looks like an adult but is only tiny as yet.
Betcha it's a rooster...the only white one in the batch.

 That makes 11 chicks/teenagers all up.
So that will be another 5 or 6 roosters to deal with.
I do wish we had the stomach for killing them.
It is such a waste giving them away.
That will  leave about 16 or 17 hens 
in Rocky's harem.


  1. OH What a bunch! I'm so excited! We will have to have an unveiling and cut some kind of bailing twine!

    Those girls with the yellow legs are so pretty!

  2. Maybe I should send husband around, He doesn't have any problems disposing of extra roosters. I just go inside until it's all done.

  3. i'm half crazy over the likes of you....sometimes we have alot of roosters and we use them as fertilizer in the garden

  4. Jenny's chicks are a bit cute


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