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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

When herbs go bad!

 This is the potager.
No kidding!
It really is.

See there is a path in there...look closely.

There is even a mosaic.

Once the parsley was tamed
(pulled out), sage and lavender clipped,
and the chives chopped,
the structure is visible again.

I am rethinking the potager.
There were enough herbs in there 
to supply a small commercial kitchen.

We regularly use basil (when in season)
thyme, parsley, chives
and occasionally sage...
and all in quite small amounts.

I am thinking a seasonal flower garden
with a herb border.


  1. Ooh flower garden! Love that idea! I'll have to give you some of my poppy seeds!

  2. Wow .. what a jungle :) looking great now though.

  3. Hmmm, yes, I see what you mean. You can get too much of a good thing. That trellis still needs the Honeysuckle, or Golden Hop...

  4. Wow I bet it smelled wonderful as you were cutting it the mosaic did you do that?

  5. The 'before' photo looks like my veggie gardens. I can hardly get in there!

  6. they do go nuts don't they. Our oregano is seeding everywhere, apart from all its suckering. there is a limit to how much you can use.

  7. At least yours are still alive. Mine seem to die off on me. I have some rosemary and garlic chives still growing everything else died (before we even got a frost, most didn't live half way through the summer!).

  8. Looks fab! Before and after :) I always umm and ahh about pulling out parsley plants (thinking I should save them for seed) and then remember that even if I pull out half of them completely I'll still have enough to feed an army as it goes rampant around here.
    Hazel, what variety of garlic is in your header photo? Looks like the skins cover it fully, which mine didn't do and was hard to clean!

  9. What a wonderfull mess. I wish I had this as a problem instead of deer and coyotes.

  10. I am thinking -- great shot of the dog!


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