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I ran away from teaching to the country to grow veggies. There are also some chooks and a pair of troublesome goats who were so much trouble they had to go! My simple green life isn't always as simple or as green as I'd like...but I keep trying!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Garlic Chicken

I didn't have time to plait my garlic properly because of my sudden trip in December.  It was harvested but I wanted it to dry out a little before I braided it.  Isn't it beautiful!

These are the rejects...broken, small...inferior.

Rejected but not wasted.
Mushed up in the food processor,
bagged up  in 12 portions
and frozen.
One a month will be thawed
and fed to the chickens.
Great for general health
and a natural worm treatment.

See...they love it.
Today I mixed it with some breakfast cereal.
Weetbix and garlic, anyone?

These are the lavender Araucanas.
I think (think!) there are five hens and three roosters.
All of these photos are mainly of one bird
which I think is a rooster.
His tail is longer and droopier.

I think I know someone who would love him.
Araucanas, I have found, make the strangest noises.
They cluck like the other chooks sometimes,
but at other times make a call more like a turkey.
Definitely a bit of a gobble 
and they have deep voices.

The big girls loved their 'medicine' too.

Heather even had her's off the spoon.


  1. Wow, love your lavender araucanas. I myself have not gotten into the lavender craze in chickens but I do love the color of blue and lavender on them.
    Your rejects would have been gladly kept and used at my house. If mine even get that big in the garden, I will be pleased.

  2. Such beautiful color on these ladies and gentlemen! Nice to see that they are getting some of that garlic.

  3. The eggs are going to be gorgeous!

  4. Thanks for this! I had no idea chickens love garlic! Fantastic! About how much do you give them each month?

  5. Seems like a great idea but I am worried that their eggs will not be suitable for cakes and sweet recipes. Perhaps there will be a new craze for chocolate garlic cake or garlicky lemon curd.
    Roasted lemon garlic chicken is fantastic.

  6. Beautiful header photo Hazel. I wonder if my pumpkins will reshoot and bear fruit after being shredded by the Christmas day hail storm? HDW

  7. Beautiful header photo Hazel. I wonder if my pumpkins will reshoot and bear fruit after being shredded by the Christmas day hail storm? HDW

  8. Bee Girl - It isn't a measured dose of garlic. I just divided it up into twelve portions and they had one. I don't think you can overdose on garlic although your friends may move away. LOL

  9. What cuties!!!! I got the OK from the boss today! IM SO EXCITED! What a lovely chap!

    Your garlic looks beautiful. I bought a braid from the local frmers market for $25! That stuff is worth its weight in gold!

  10. What gorgeous garlic! Mine is not quite ready (I was a bit late getting it in) but I'm looking forward to getting it out and plaiting it!

  11. Oh, THAT sort of garlic chicken. I thought we were talking recipes...


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