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Monday, October 3, 2011

Speaking in Tongs

Kitchen tongs are great for transplanting seedlings.
Their sharp edges easily slide through the soil.
They enable you to pick up the whole plant with soil around the roots.
No handling of the delicate leaves and stems is necessary.

Ordinarily, I wouldn't plant pumpkin seeds early and repot them before putting then out in the garden.  This year I have given it a go.  I will also plant some directly where they will grow.
C'mon boys and girls...this is a race!

From speaking in tongs to speaking broadly...

I have broad beans ...

...and lots of lovely broad bean flowers.

From broad to downright fat!
Check out the girth on this garlic!
I hope the size of the stalk is indicative of the size of the bulbs.
Maybe they have just enjoyed growing their tops.


  1. It's so interesting to think that while I'm winding my garden down for the winter, gardeners on the other side of the world are just delving into spring! Good tip with the tongs btw :)

  2. Good idea using tongs. Never thought about it before. I am aiming for direct-sowed squash this year so I will save time on transplanting. But I make sure I sowed some in pots as a back-up.

  3. What a great idea, love that blossom overhanging the path too!

  4. Love the idea of the tongs. I hate throwing stuff out so our old tongs are going straight to the garden shed.
    I notice you use egg cartons for your seedlings too. People we give eggs to give us more cartons than the ladies can fill and I've only just discovered what great seedling trays they make.

  5. I hope you asked permission from The Cook before nicking those tongs from the kitchen! And make sure you wash them properly before putting them back! :)

  6. Great idea, what will you be doing with them next? That path is going to look great.

  7. Very clever..perhaps you could market them as garden tools lol

    They're also great if you need to re-pot cacti...will save you getting stabbed by the spines!

  8. We had our first feed of broad beans last night. I still have loads of flowers but the wretched bumble bees are piercing holes in the flowers and they are unable to produce beans. So I dare say my chooks might be getting the rest of the broad beans as I need the space for other things.

  9. Years and years ago, when I was younger and way more fun, I went to a mass in Brazil where we were encouraged to speak in tongues.

    I prefer yours.

  10. Using tongs like that is a great idea. I now have a reason to start going to garage sales again...


  11. Love your blog! Very inspiring. I hope our garden (whenever I get it going, ha) will be as good. Keep up the good blogging!

  12. Tongs you very much!!
    oooh, sorry [blush]

  13. My garlic stalks are really fat this year too. Perhaps its a particularly good season for it...


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