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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Flamboyance overload!

I love Spring...the lengthening days and the start of Daylight Saving... 
warmer temperatures and spring rain,
lush green growth and beautiful blossom.

But sometimes, I must confess, 
I also find Spring a little garish...over-blown... 
too confident in it's own beauty and sense of self importance.

The weeping ornamental cherry in the front yard is a prime example.  

You must agree, those flowers are over the top!  
As flamboyant as 

But spring also has her shy side.
Check out these little dears.

English Gooseberry
Weeping Elm

Pittosporum - tiny but with a fabulous perfume.

Japanese maple (though this one comes out of the closet in its autumnal finery)

My favourite - pussy willow.
What tiny beauties 
have you noticed in your garden?


  1. even with the neglect there are signs of spring everywhere. I hope to post some pics soon

  2. Beautiful, over-the-top Spring!!
    Your photos are brilliant.
    Cheerio for now :D)

  3. I have to say you are a wiz with the camera. As always beautiful photos. And yes the cherry is a bit over the top, but I love it.

  4. love the cherry blossoms..i'm the only person that likes cherries

  5. So, you're getting a greenhouse the..? I'm envious.

  6. Flamboyant, yes. Still cold here, y-e-s! I think we are having England's autumn while they have our spring.

  7. I planted a cherry tree just for its flowers. I love the spring but I realy love when it starts to get a little cooler.

  8. Oh no, that cherry tree is not too much! I rarely give flowers a second glance, but that tree is glorious... do real cherry trees flower like that? Is your one the same as the famous ones in Japan?

  9. OK, you thieves, you've stolen our wonderful weather. Please treat it well and send it back to us in 6 months. The trees haven't even turned color here yet, but we had snow on the high passes this week in California.


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